Oh you don't want to read this. It's full of rants. Thankyoupleasecomeagainlater (Baby Making Part 18)

Finally. A time to breath and stretch my legs and get cramps chill. 3 days off, yo! 

Happy Malaysia Day!

These 2 weeks has been kreeeeeyaaaazeee for both the Mister and I. 

It all started out last week, when at work, I was given two new projects. It was fine and dandy at first until it all got mix with my routine jobs and all hell break loose. It was like... a remake of Nightmare in Elm Street all over again. Trying to maintain professionalism at work while pregnant and constantly need to pee and eat and pee and eat and groaning OH MY BAAAACK MY BAAAAAACK BA-A-A-A-ACK and juggling massive loads of work all at the same time is pure insanity. But I survived. And lived to babble about it.

The mister too had to work like a herd of brain-eating-zombies were chasing his butt and due to work deadlines, he even had to work at home and in the weekends.

Then there were invitations of Raya open house from friends and family that we must attend because unfortunately for the mister, he married a MONSTER WHO WILL EAT KLCC TWIN TOWERS IF SHE DIDN'T GET FED WITH ALL THE DELICIOUS FOOD IN THE WORLD despite how tired and exhausted she is.

Then of course, house work. Who can deny the pleading sound of a sobbing toilets asking to be scrub? Or a basket of laundry screaming they stink like a hobo's butthole? Or living rooms (plural yes, we have 2 living rooms) looking like a mother whale just trashes her massive body there and left a party of shits all over the place? The question is: HOW THE HELL DID THE HOUSE GET SO MESSY WHEN 90% OF THE TIME THE PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE ARE EITHER AT WORK OR ASLEEP? Scientists, please solve this mystery for me. Thank you very much.

So our life was like, work, home, attend open house, come home, clean house, sleep. And the vicious cycle continues.

It's a bloody miracle that I still can blog and Twitter. Well, not quite. This week blog posts were all written 3-4 weeks ago. I just simply hit publish when I have the time to say hi-hello-how-are-you-still-alive to my blog. And last week, no post whatsoever. I think. Can't remember. Brain cells are lacking of oxygen coz all went to baby. I love my baby.

And Twitter, since I'm in front of my PC most of the time, it's easy to just click a tab and jot down few words and done. When I'm peeing, I tweet. I pee a lot. Still. So there's tweet splashes with urine scented scent [insert gagging motion] and when I'm at home, I disappear from Twitter world coz there is a high chance I fell asleep at 8pm.

Yes, yes go ahead and point finger and nye nye nye nye nye nye at me for being a 30 year old granny who sleeps so early and have dinner at 5pm. I am sooooooo happening.

I wonder how life gonna be when the baby arrives?



Faizal n Fashitah said...

Kin besar dah prut kitak Qiz hoh.Ermmm mek asa la..mesti kembar 4 tok koh...ehek

Balqiz said...



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