List of things to buy for our newborn

List of things to buy for our newborn:

1. Travelling

   • Car seat

   • Stroller (If possible, a travelling system that has both a car seat and a stroller)

2. Crib

  • Crib ü 

  • Crib linens

  • 1 mattress pad

  • 2 crib sheets

  • 2 waterproof mattress pads

  • 2 blankets (1 thick, 1 light)

3. Diaper related stuff

  • Baby wipes

  • Changing pad

  • Diaper bag

  • Diaper rash cream

  • Disposable diapers

  • Cloth diapers (GO GREEN!)

4. Baby's clothes (0-3 months)

  • 6 onesies

  • 6 pajamas

  • 4 side-snap tees and pants (2 long sleeves, 2 short sleeves)

  • 4 shirts and matching pants (2 long sleeves, 2 short sleeves)

  • 4 pairs of socks

  • 2 pair of mittens

  • 2 hats

  • 4 swaddle blankets

  • 4 bibs

  • 6 wash cloths

  • 4 baby ‘tapal’ (I think it’s girdle in English)

5. Bath items:

   • Bath tub

   • Buy packaged bath kits that contain many accessories like thermometer, comb, scissors, and nail clippers.

   • Shampoo

   • Baby lotion

   • Baby oil

   • Towels ( 2 hoodies and 2 soft towels)

6. Breast feeding equipment

   • Breast pump

   • Nursing bras

   • Breast pads

   • Nipple cream

7. Bottle feeding items

   • 6 bottles (3 big/tall, 2 small/short)

   • Sterilizing equipment

   • 1 bottle brush

   • 1 bottle warmer

   • Infant formula milk (?)

   • Dishwasher basket for bottles

8. Medicines

   • Rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs (for the umbilical cord)

   • Minyak kayu putih

9. Extra

  • Clothing cupboard ü  

  • Hangers

  • Night lamp

  • Ionizer

  • Play mat

If I miss anything, do inform me hokay? Thankyouverymuchyouaretotallyawesome!


Anonymous said...


Been tour silent reader for quite a while now. I had my baby about 2 months ago so here's few tips/pointers for you:

1) if you have the extra budget, go for quinny buzz with maxi cosi car seat. Quinny buzz is really sturdy and has good absorption, when pushed on uneven surface.

2) If it tends to be warm in your house, go for cellular blankets instead as it helps to regulate the temperature.

3) Do not use baby wipes for babies under 6 months. This is one of the reason for nappy rash. And make sure you buy cloth diaper friendly nappy cream otherwise your cd wouldn't last as long. If you intend to cd your baby from start you'll need to buy newborn cd because normal cd are just too big. But do bear in mind that newborn cd are only useful for the first two or three weeks as then they'll grow out of it.

4) Buy more of the baby tapal and hold off from buying anything apart from onesies and pyjamas as you'll be tired from nursing them and trust me, 2 piece are a lot of work! As for the pyjamas, try and get your hands on sleep suits instead. My LO lives in hers LOL.

5) Bath kits are not that useful as I ended up buying a separate ear thermometer. What you really need/use in the first few months are just clippers and thermometers (baby and room temp).

6) breast pump, definitely medela swing if you have the budget. If you have friends who live in the uk, get them to help you buy as it's way cheaper here in Europe. Especially when bought during the boxing sale.

7) Buy nipple shield! You may not use them at all but in case your LO doesn't know how to latch, these are god-send. Bad latch = sore nipples! Mind you this is used temporarily until both of you get the hang of it.

8) Ionizer, is that like humidifier? You'll need to clean it properly every week using cuka.

9) Do not let anyone give your LO honey as it may cause infant embolism.

10) Mosquito net! Hand sanitizer!

11) Start tummy time immediately. If not on the mat, on your chest will do. A minute a day is fine then increase it as time goes by.

12) Do not let your LO cry as he/she will suck in more air and it'll be harder to burp plus babies do not know how to manipulate, they only cry because they are super hungry or super sick.

13) Find a support group or join a forum. If there's none in Malaysia, join an overseas one. Trust me, it'll be worth it.

14) Research your pain relief options. Choose epi as a last solution.

If I can think of more, I'll let you know :)

Anonymous said...

Btw, I'm from Miri too (ok la tipu dikit, was born there but lived in Kuching) and am a friend of your SIL. The name is Zhu, just ask her :)

Balqiz said...


After reading this, once I give birth I am officially going to force my mom to live in with me for 10 years at least. If she refuse, I am going to hold a gun on my head and stare at her until she surrender.

What's a tummy time?!
Latch? Is that like a door latch?
Can I just install a live cow in my house instead of having to breast pump myself?
Where can I find sleeping suits?
In MIRI again! GAH!

I'm going to calm the f[bleep]k down now so yeah please do add more if I miss anything. As a first time mom, it's understandable for me to freak the hell out but I appreciate the advice nonetheless!

Really! This wild eyes open widely with crazy grin means I'm A-OKAY!

Which SIL? Fera or Ida? I'll check with them when I see em hehehe thanks babe! And congratulation on your new bub!

Anonymous said...

You can totally do it. I'll explain in email okay? Btw, I'm fera's friend.

Anonymous said...

Google baby wearing. God-sent i tell you! And kinda chic too!!!

jeflo said...

Hi Qizz,

Its Florence here. Congrats on your pregnancy!!! So happy for you. I read your blog about prego. Your Hubby gave me your blog. Very interesting! Sounds like you need a breast pump for standby. I have medela breast pump. Just not sure how much it cost for shipping plus if customs will snatch it once arrive? I have bad experience mailing things to my Sister last year. My Medela breastpump is a hand down by another Mom, still in good condition. For hygenic purpose, i can provide the new tubing I never used after spending US$25 for those silly things. The bottles can be reuse as long its cleanned and sanitized.

Talk to your hubby if you can't get breast pump from anywhere. Worse case I will send from my end as long it's not too expensive due to the weight.

Let me know, k? Just have your hubby e-mail & let me know or you can e-mail me since he is busy man these days. Hehe...

Love u both...Florence


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