All About Food Baybeh (Baby Making Part 16)

When I was 6 weeks pregnant and didn’t know I was pregnant, food and I just don’t click. I lost my appetite to eat anything except: banana fritters. I ate banana fritters everyday and every evening. When I eat rice, I only eat it with sour plum and ‘sambal belacan’.

Then a week after I took the pregnancy test, my appetite to eat came back and boy, it was massive. My appetite brought along its whole family including the whole nine yard of its cousins and relatives. I was hungry E-VE-RY-SE-COND of the day. For a person who doesn’t eat breakfast, it was amazing to see my face at the office’s café early in the morning queuing for food. Then at 10am, I will be hungry again. To silent the screaming hunger, I stuffed my face with fruits. Then at 11:30am I will have lunch. And then dinner at 5pm and supper at 9pm.

Surprisingly, I don’t pack too much weight in my first trimester. I gained 2kg only. My non pregnant friends, on the other hand, are gaining so much weight by just hanging out with me.

But on my last checkup, guess what? I weight a whooping 56kg! HOLY MONKEY NUTS! From 52kg, I gained 4kg in mere days! That big jump of a number shocked the hell outta me!

Doctor did say that it’s just water weight and not to worry too much. Said it’s a normal weight to gain during this time. PHEEEEEW!

I don’t eat that much actually. Yes I eat all around the clock but I don’t eat a lot at once. I eat small portion here and there. Even though people keep telling me to just eat whatever I feel like eating and eat it as much as I can coz I’m eating for two, I don’t. I watch what I eat. I eat what’s healthy for me and for my baby. Junk food? Perish the thought! I shudder at the thought of swallowing McDonald burger coz not only my body can’t accept it but also, it’s not healthy.

In a meal, I must have lots of vegetables. And later, for dessert or snack, I’ll be munching on fruits, dates or raisins. That is why when I went to KL recently, the lack of veggie in their meal really made me burst my shits out. How do these people poop? Constipation much! Even if they do serve veggie, holy butthole! The veggie is sooooo well done; it’s practically rubbish to eat. Why are they murdering their veggies? It’s dead already for crying out loud!

As soon as I landed back to Miri, I had dishes after dishes of fresh salad.

And I’m quite shocked to find out there are a lot of pregnant moms out there who really don’t care what they eat. To them, as long as it’s nice and filling and convenient, it’s good to go. You are carrying a life inside you and that life is depending on you to provide it with healthy nutrition and yet… Sigh. Some told me they can’t stop the urge to eat junk food or drink sweet drinks 10 times a day because they crave for it. I may not understand this coz I don’t have craving much but if I can fight off my nausea by NOT thinking about it or diverting my mind elsewhere, wouldn’t it work the same with craving junk, salty, sweet food? I admit one of my greatest weaknesses is carbonated drinks. If I want to follow my guts, I would chunk down the whole 10 dozen of Coca-cola can drink. But I also know it’s not healthy. So what I did was to drink a sip or two of it and that’s about it.

As Sarawakians like to say, “Jangan ndak cerik bah. Pake muas ati” (as long as I have a taste of it, no matter how little, it’s better than nothing –crappy translation)




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