My Momma said you don't have to look like a drown goldfish just coz you're pregnant... (Baby Making Part 20)

... So, instead of putting on boring, dull and ugly maternity clothes, I wear these instead:

These are MY kinda maternity clothes and I have a feeling... in the next few weeks I won't be able to fit in it anymore. Belly is growing rapidly!

Part II coming soon!


LadyBird said...

those are cool maternity clothes, i loikkeeeeee..

lv said...

haha!! u so free changing clothes just for this post. some more pose outside the house..... they look like maternity clothes i would wear too (next time) nice!

Balqiz said...

Eileen, definately not your typical maternity clothes (^_^)

LV, would you believe that I took these photos during my lunch break? LOL! (no life)


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