So I guess this is goodbye.

Goodbye to beauty queen’s sleep at night.

It has been 2 nights in a row that Kaisan refused formula from his dad. He woke up at 2am, cried and clawed his dad’s face when given formula. He howled, trashed all about and woke the sleeping lion (Ahem. Me) As soon as he sees my face, he threw himself onto my chest and tore my PJs apart. I exaggerate of course. It was an old T-shirt.

I guess 3 months of midnight shift for the hubster is over. It looks like my turn to wake up and do the feeding. Hi, I would like to tender my resignation as Kaisan’s mother. What? It’s a permanent thing? WHERE’S THE WRITTEN CONTRACT THAT SAYS SO?

When I send him over to my mom’s today, I groggily warned her that Kaisan might be difficult because he refused to be bottled the whole weekend. At lunch time, I went there to breastfeed and mom said he was behaving and he drank his bottle eagerly. WHAT? Oh No He Didn’t!

As I was about to scold him for making me look like a big fat liar and he gave me this look:

Anyone seen my glasses?

Damn. I forgot everything. Including my name. My name is Sharon you say? Ok. I believe you.



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