I Need A Doctor... A Doctor... To Fix My Time.

It’s a fact. We human hate changes. Don’t deny it. When your boyfriend broke up with you, the first thing you do is to contemplate your own demise so you don’t have to feel the pain of losing someone you love. You can’t accept that he's no longer in your life. Things are changing. Your life is changing. No more ‘us’ but just you yourself alone. No more calling each other before going to sleep. No more weekends getaway. No more I love you, you love me, and we are a happy tree. If you still don’t get it, that is changes.

We human are condition to live a life of certainty. When our certainties are shifted by power beyond our means, we get panic, scared, angry, disbelief and many more negative feelings attributing to it. And that is ‘change’. But sooner than you know, we’ll adapt to that change. We strive. And we grow. And soon, we’ll go back to that path where we it is familiar –we go back to the life of certainty. Just like 9/11. When the terrorist attacked, the whole world felt the impact. Everything changed. The economy, the lifestyle, the airlines business, the safety rules and regulation and the way we perceive the world change. And as time goes by, life goes on. We move on. We adapt to the changes.

But the thing about life is; it is a cycle. It’s God’s way of messing up with our minds. Just when you get so damn bloody comfortable with your life after that big upheaval you experience a moment ago, God send another change to get that heavy butt of yours out of the cozy couch and here we go again!

For those who learnt from their experience, they strive and continue to strive again and again when the next changes come. For those who don’t, well, here’s a gun. Go shoot some birds. By birds I mean, empty tin cans. By guns, I mean XBOX guns. Don’t get the idea that I’m asking you to commit crime and get the wrath of PETA.

What I’m trying to say here is that, changes appear in my life too and that it sucks.

You see, I love Ramadhan month. I love the festive atmosphere that comes along with it. I love the spirit of giving and blessing among the community that more often than not, only appear during this month (I’m just saying that based on MY OWN experience –please don’t eat my face).

But Ramadhan messed up my day to day schedule.

Just when I FINALLY managed to sort out my time equally with a husband, a baby, a career and a life of my own, everything turns upside down when Ramadhan came. Just one tiny shift of my day-to-day life and everything falls apart.

The rest of the day is okay. I mean, from 7am till 3:59pm, no biggie. But as soon as the clock strikes 4pm, it’s like a giant sea monster is chasing my already-flat-butt.

Usually the hubster and I will break our fast at my mom’s or my sister’s or eat out (by invitation). It’s a rare occasion that we can eat at home. And by the time we’re done with the eating and praying and last minute shopping (if there is), it’s already 10pm.


I didn’t do any reading. Not so much playing with my son because by that time he’s already sleeping. No time to stare at my husband’s eyes lovingly because our eyeballs are too strain and bloodshot due to lack of sleep. And of course, no blogging.

In the next few weeks, I will adjust to this lifestyle. BUT AFTER RAYA, I will have to readjust myself again for the life of AFTER Ramadhan. It's a cycle that makes me swallow my sour saliva and grimace.

These changes may not be a big deal to some but to me it’s like a giant hand is shaking and tossing me until my entire innards splat out on my blouse.

Lesson here is: Be flexible to changes.

The end.



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