6 Months Already!

The day Kaisan turned 6 months old; I went hysterical when he showed me his first tooth. Then the next day, he nearly gave me a cardiac arrest with an appearance of a second tooth. I was like, what the…? HOW CAN TOOTH GROW SO FAST? WILL WE BE SURPISED WITH ANOTHER MILLION SET IN A FORTHNIGHT? Actually we suspected the first tooth grew a week ago and we just noticed it recently. BAD PARENT! B-A-A-A-A-D!

That explained why when we eat, he would gawk at us and well… salivating like crazy. My son is so ready to eat!

Hi Nenek, what are you doing? Eating? What are you eating? Worms? Hmmm... looks delicious!

So on Saturday, I blend some brown rice and cooked it but because I didn’t add salt (NOT ADVISABLE AT ALL) the porridge was too bland and apparently too yucky for him that he spat it out as soon as we spoon it in his mouth.

After asking some friends and family, I added a small piece of steam pumpkin in his porridge and voila! He truly enjoyed his first food. Well, not exactly first because as mentioned before, we gave him watermelon to suck on but when the doctor said it’s not good to give babies fruits at that young age because it'll make em growl like a baboon so we stop.

Anyway, since we’ll be going to Singapore soon, last week we brought Kaisan to make his first international passport. Took his photo weeks ago but as we reached the immigration, we realized WE LEFT THE PHOTOS AT HOME! GAH!!! Luckily, there’s a nearby shop that can take a photo of him and develop it in less than 15 minutes.

I was disappointed he won’t be using this photo which was originally taken earlier on:

LOOK AT THAT FACE! LIKE A TAUKE! My boy, the future tauke balak.

And we managed to take a photo together while waiting for his passport to be readied. Yay!

But when I posted these two photos in Facebook, 99% said “OI GEMOK ODY!” (Translation: FAT ODY!) What FAT? I was 72kg when I was 9 months pregnant and now I’m 52kg! That’s like HUUUGE DIFFERENT! I have another 2kg to shed then I’ll reach my optimum weight. Lower than that I cannot donate blood. And lower than that, I’ll be underweight. Ok fine. That extra 2kg is making me look fat. But...

Mark my word, after Ramadhan, I will be 50kg and will maintain it!


Anonymous said...

senyum tauke balak! haha.


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