I took a little break from reality and BAM! It’s the weekend already.

I was down with super weird ailments last few days and yesterday, I crashed hard. I was vomiting, dizzy and had severe stomach pain. I tried to fight it off but my mind was just as screwed up as the rest of my body so trying to THINK I’m OKAY just melted my brain. Didn’t help the matter when my son was so cranky these few days. Teething? More like sprouting fangs I think.

Hubster tried to take over baby duty last night but Kaisan wanted nothing from his dad. He wanted boobies. Tsk. Typical male, ain’t it? So in my delirious and weak state, I had to breastfeed Kaisan while lulling him to sleep. I forgot to take any medication so it’s safe to breastfeed. My forgetfulness sometimes comes in handy, see? I fell asleep right after he started sucking. Then I woke up and he was already in his crib. Thanks, husband. I love you for that.

The whole night, I was restless in my sleep. The hubster swears I was talking in my sleep. I know I was. Few times I woke up by the sound of my own voice reciting the market’s current exchange rate.

Today, since I felt much better, I went and run some errands. By the way, I’m gonna speed things up here to cut the elaborate nuisance I might write that will end up wasting everyone’s time reading it (By everyone, I mean me. I am likely to be the only reader who READS every single word written. Suddenly I feel so lonely)

Send hubster’s Raya material to tailor, went to DiGi to fix my phone line issue, then felt dizzy spells again so I went back and wanted to rest but son gone cranky again so spend two hours plus entertaining his every ridiculous needs like allowing him to shove his arms down my throat, watched him inspect the holes of my nose, and then FINALLY after satisfyingly tortured my soul he fell asleep and I tried to sleep too but my brain just won’t stop yakking so I read a book and just about when my eyes started to drop, son woke up YAAAAAAAHHHHH and that’s about sums up my afternoon.

I have a free evening tonight. It’s such a rare occasion. And I spend it by sitting here in front of the Internet. Nice one, me.



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