Ngeh Ngeh Ngeh Ngeh!

Hello Internet! My mommy just submitted her June paper and was so gleeful about it that she has been seen running around the house, hugging and kissing one piece of furniture at a time while screaming THAAAAAANK YOU THANKKKKK YOUUUUUUUUUUU THAAAANK YOU! I hope madness doesn’t run in the family…

Anyhoo, back to me! I’m FINALLY five months old! Actually I turned five last week but mommy was hogging the computer to do her assignment so I didn’t get the chance to even touch the keyboard. Mommy also said I drool badly that’s why the computer was off limits to me but moooooooooooooooom! I need to tell the Internet what I’ve achieve so far! What’s the point of being able to do something new as a baby if I don’t get to tell anyone! So mommy sighed and said yeah, yeah okay but no surfing porn. I asked her what’s porn but she suddenly got interested studying her nail-less toe. I’ll Google it later. Whatever that is.

In my last post, I just turned four months and I was learning about the magnificent wonder of my fingers and hoooboy! How yummy it was! In between four months and turning five, I discovered something new. INTERNET, HAVE YOU EVER TASTE YOUR OWN FIST? HOLY ANNOYING WHINY ELMO! MY FISTS IS THE MOST DELICIOUS THING I’VE EVER TASTED IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE 5 MONTHS LIFE! [Insert whole right fist in mouth and sucking it profusely] Oommmomommommom…

[Continue typing with sticky saliva fingers]

Annnnd… “I” also learned to sit up! Not that straight though. I still wobble around but boy oh boy did I give my parents a fright when I surprised them by pulling myself up from my car seat and sit up. Tada! Mommy and Daddy were so stunned that they were not breathing for few seconds. I guess it was too much for them to accept that their first born was waaaaaaaaaay advance in his ability. I mean, I haven’t even learned how to turn over on my belly yet nor have I learn to crawl and I’m already sitting upright. Next, taking the bus to town! Yiiiihaa!

But I sooooorta know how to crawl but it’s more of “slithering” on my tummy… get this… BACKWARD! I haven’t master the move to go forward yet but when I’m being put on my tummy, I did hefty amount of push-ups. And when I get tired I cried. Mommy keeps saying, “Why don’t you turn yourself over instead of crying?” Mom, how do I say this ever so nicely? I DON’T KNOW HOW!

I’m already showing interest in big people food too. Whenever Daddy and Mommy sit down for dinner, Mommy would hold me in one hand and the other hand eating her food. Mommy said she wants to practice me to have our meal together as a family. Sometimes they placed me in my baby seat and I get to watch them making a pig of themselves [Ahem. Sorry mommy…] and one day, when I was sitting on mommy’s lap while they were having dinner, I decided to try mommy’s cooking and grabbed mommy’s dinner plate and … oh-o… The rice was all over me and I looked up and gave mommy a huge gummy smile. Thank Goodness Mommy laughed. She said I was getting better at grabbing things and hug and kiss me for my new ability to destroy things. Mommy is weird.

Since it seems like I’m ready to eat, mommy gave me my first real food few weeks ago which was a piece of watermelon. I get to suck on it and ooooomaaaaaaaaaygaaaaaad it was sooooo delicious! When mommy said enough and pulled away my watermelon, I threw the world biggest tantrum a baby could muster. So mommy gave me some more until I had enough. Daddy was unhappy because the watermelon was his dessert. Oops! For my next check up, mommy and daddy going to ask my doctor whether I can start eating solid food this month. AY CAN’T WAIT!

And yesterday, I made mommy cry. No, no it was not a bad thing. I just said “Mamma” twice and she burst out crying and declared I’m a genius. Yes, next rocket science!

Ok, Internet. This is all from me today. Be seeing ya next month! Happy fasting!


apijah said...

Masuk 6 bulan bleh la berik makan, sikhal tanyak la ngan Doc dolok.

Photogenic kali jak...

Mintak gigit nya tok mun senyum....


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