Happy Wedding Day, Grace!

After a year of preparation, finally, last Saturday was my friend’s grand wedding. I was actually down with ten thousand mega watt migraine and the most embarrassing ailment any human being could ever suffer –diarrhea and almost couldn’t make it but at the very last minute I forced myself to go. It's a once in a lifetime event!

It was a very nice wedding, with so many surprises to the bride from her husband and best friends like a group of dancing little Britney Spears and Lady Gaga (I know. It was a free concerts y’all!) Then the husband of the bride surprised her with by singing a beautiful ballad then later gave a loving speech and soon after the bridesmaid all dancing and err… getting drunker by the minute. These people really know how to party I tell you (Not the people in the photos though. They are the most sober and probably the only one drinking orange juice and Coke that night)

I didn’t take that many photos. I was enjoying the food so much even though I ate a lot already during the break of fast. I paid the price of gluttony that night but having another round of gastrick that lasted the whole night. I fell asleep at 6am, just when Kaisan woke me up for milk. Good timing, son. Very good.



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