Why I am not a Blogger Superstar... Because I get excited easily when people support my crazy rants. That's why.

Yesterday, my email hit a new record: 25-30 emails came pouring in asking for the password for the Baby Making post. Usually the most would be 10 a day but 30? Whoa Nelly!

My phone was beeping hysterically until I had to mute it coz the people around me were getting super annoyed and were giving me the IM-GONNA-TAKE-THAT-PHONE-OF-YOURS-AND-SHOVE-IT-WHERE-THE-SUN-DON’T-SHINE look. Get a life, Debbie Downers. I’m famous. Bite me. Just be thankful I don’t have that ‘YOU GOT MAIL, BOSS’ ringtone. Now, THAT is SO annoying.

But, you guiiiiiiiiiiiiise! Thank you! The support, the words of encouragement, the begging for password (Oh it was so cute! You don’t have to actually but if you feel like it, by all means, begging makes me feel SO TOTALLY AWESOMENESS QUEEN OF ALL THE UNIVERSE BOW TO ME PEASANTS I SAID BOWWWWWWWW!) *koff* Moving on…

Still, you guys so OPRAH! (Someone should really add her name in a dictionary meaning –SO FANTABULOUSLY AWESOME THAT YOU JUST WANT TO DIEEEEEE! DIEEEEEEEEE I TELL YOU) If this continues on, Imma post more of my nonsense here (Please don’t encourage me. I need my free time to sleep and eat and rest like a lot. I’m dead serious)

The Baby Making’s post would not be forever protected. By early August, it will be public and no password needed (unless… you… beg… me? *squinty eyes* KIDDING)

Moving on to less depressing story, I am so not feeling hot right now even though my boobs are so BEEEOOOTIFUUUL now (Dear God, please let me keep this nice, perky, full cup boobs forever and ever. Please. Please. Please) I went home at 10am this morning to rest until lunch time and at 12pm, I was still as weak as an almost drown one-legged one-eyed cute adorable kitten but was saved by fish burger which was the only food I can think of when the Mister asked me what I want for lunch.

“Eeeeeeeeermmmmmmmmmm… mmmffffish burger? Yeaaaaaaaah… fiiiiiiish… buuuuuuurger… Shhhhhhhhhooooooooo… tired… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… zzzzzz…” and I slept for 2 hours. Ba-da-bing!

Trust me; fish burger is the only junk food I allow myself now. I am cursed for staying so effin’ close to 24-hours McDonald, KFC and Sugarbun but my will is stronger than my DESIRE. But at times, I have no choice but to relent and ohhhhhhhh I am so not liking myself when I surrender.

Last night, I was weeping while cooking myself Maggie Mee coz ARRGHHH I HATE MAGGIE MEE BUT I WAS FRIGGIN’ HUNGRY I ALMOST BREAK THE DINING TABLE IN HALF AND EAT IT WITH BUTTER and I do not want the Mister to drive in the middle of the night to buy me… WHAT? WHAT CAN I EAT AT 11PM ASIDE FROM JUNK FOOD? AARRRGHHHH!!!! So Maggie mee it was. The guilt haunts me until now. Stupid Maggie mee. You ruin my life *hands in side pockets*kick pebbles*pout*




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