I swear, one more night I can’t sleep due to this demonic son of a *bleep* cough, I’m gonna get myself a tattoo!

Or what my doctor advised, get ‘neb’ (nebulizer) and so I did.

My last neb was years and years ago when I was a young little fairy flitting from one flower to another while riding my rainbow unicorn across the pink cotton forest.

It was the first time in my life I was hit by what the doctor called, ‘bronchitis asthma’. I don’t have a record of being asthmatic so when I was coughing and wheezing and puking green mucus (Oh, you’re eating? Tough nut), the doctor neb me.

As soon as they put the mouthpiece on my face, I was thrashing all about while screaming in my head “I CAN’T BREATH! I CAAAAAAAAAAAN’T BREAAAAAAAAAAATH!” 3 nurses had to hold me down and asked me to calm the fuck down. It was my first time. I almost shat my pants. I felt suffocated. I don’t know how to breathe properly through it and the mist from the nebulizer made me dizzy (or my frantic self actually made me dizzy that time. I can’t remember. All I know is that I sure look funny as hell. You should invite me to your party. I’m a riot when I panic).


But yesterday, it was piece of cake. I even had it twice. One at 4pm and another one at 9pm. It helped to reduce the mucus in my lungs and even though I still cough, I don’t make “WWWWWHEEEEEEEEEZZ KOFF KOFF WHEEEEEEEEZZZ KOFF KOFF CHOKE CHOKE ARRGHH UGHH KOFF KOFF SHAT I’M GONNA DIE WHEEEEEEEZ EFF KOFF KOFF THIS CHOKE KOFF KOFF” sound.


Told you I’m fun.




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