Come again? Oh. REALLY?



I had these few nights ago for dinner. The Mister gave me the crazy eyes when he saw me bringing back young mango FOR DINNER. 

You see, I had no appetite these past few days. I’ve been having cough that itches like an absolute hell for the past 2 weeks and it really made everything I eat taste like Ke$ha’s breath at 7am (Not a personal experience) 

My SIL, who had been so stress due to her new job, told me the only way she can bring herself to eat something is by adding belacan (shrimp paste) in her rice. I know, to some, it’s like, WHAAA but to me it was YES! YES! YES! THAT’S MY SOLUTION! 

And I was right. I was in euphoria munching hot cooked rice and super sour young mango with sambal belacan (shrimp paste with chilli and anchovies). 

It brought memories which my Mom will cringe badly if I tell her of it. When I was 4-5 years old, when it was just me, my Mom and my brother and my Dad was... in rehab for drug abuse, we lived in near poverty. There was no food except a cup or two of rice. Mom was desperate to feed us that she plucked young mango from a tree at our backyard and we ate that with rice. ONLY. Sometimes, when we ran out of rice, we ate the young mango with salt. ONLY. 

It’s not an awesome kick-ass memory but from that experience, weirdly enough, I enjoy eating sour young mango with rice. Until now. 




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