It's all orange, baby.

I usually LOVE chocolates but lately my taste bud converted into a new religion called: CHOCOLATES ARE ICKY. Sometimes I like to call it, GET THAT SHIT OUTTA MY FACE, when someone offer me one nicely.

Me no likey chocolate.

But I can't stop my muncher habit so now I munch on:


Dry apricots.

Aside from sinfully delicious, it helps me to poop regularly too. Oh I looooove to poop.

And when I feel like it, I'll be munching dates and prunes. Old people snack food is officially my kind of snack. I am either embracing me turning the big 3-0 or senility is kicking in early.

Hot lemon honey drink

This is a kickass drink to gulp when you're having a bitchy cough. Even though it burns my throat when I drink it hot, it reduced my cough from KONG KONG KONG KONG ARGHHH KONG KONG KONG KONG EFFFFFF KONG KONG KONG KONG to Kong. Kong. Eff. That's why I called this cough, the Kong Kong Cough (Batuk Kong Kong).

I'm getting slightly better now. The lack of update is because I'm busy playing Words With Friends. If you're playing it, do add me. My ID is Balqiz (duh! It would be extremely ridiculous if I named myself KIMORA innit? Puh-puh-po-ser)

That's all from me today.


P/s I just realized that some emails my readers send to me asking for the Baby Making password ended up in my spam box. I managed to retrieve few and emailed them the password but I think there are more in the spam box in which I diligently delete once every 2 days. So for those who didn't get a reply from me, please email me again at balqizs [at] or balqizs [at] Cheers!



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