Baby Making -Part 3

6 weeks 4 days pregnant.

Now, where do I start?

Why don't I start with the famous symptoms? Oh yes. A whirlwind of fun that one. But thankfully, I'm one of those lucky ones in this world. I don't suffer from morning sickness! How totally and absolutely fantastic is that? Based on what I hear, morning sickness is pregnancy worst kind of malady to be bestowed upon. Made you wish you never let your husband spurt out his sperm up your peehole in the first place.


But I do have: Sore, sore breast (it feels like someone just stuff a ticking nuclear in it and its throbbing with every ticking minute), cramps that resembles uncannily like a period cramp (which later I was told is cause by my uterus expanding. The pain just makes you want to scream “Why won't you just throw me over a cliff or stuff my face with a hand grenade instead?) and I sleep a lot. By a lot, I mean, if sleeping is a sport, I would win handsdown. Every single free moment I have, I took the opportunity to sleep. Like I'm practicing hard to steal the throne from Rip Van Winkle.

Today, another new symptom came knocking on my door. I started to pee a lot. I'm a pissing machine. In fact, me and the toilet bowl will change our Facebook status to “in a relationship” soon. It gets worst when it's night time when I need my beauty sleep. After battling cramps that usually barge in my uterus at 2am-3am, I would spend the rest of the night running to the loo.

People say the first trimester is the worst. Then come second trimester where most women claim is the best months in their life and the last trimester where you just want to get the baby OUT, OUT, OUT NOW!

I can't wait to experience it all.




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