The one where I try to gloat about my pathetic blog and why you shouldn't read it coz WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

This is how I see my blog. A bunch of colorful everything in one go. I kid you not.

Recently, I’ve been having more visitors to my blog than usual. And THEY SPEND LIKE 30 HOURS OR MORE IN MY BLOG LIKE, DON’T YOU HAVE A LIFE? NO? WELCOME TO MY WORLD! WE ARE BUDDIES FOR LIFE! *Secret handshake only my blog readers know*

And, and, and… from Google Reader, I found out I have 46 people subscribing to my blog *TEARS OF JOY* (IT’S NOT A BIG NUMBER SO JEER ALL YOU LIKE BUT I’M HAPPY STILL SO GO BOIL YOUR HEAD)

Not to mention, those who linked my blog in their blog like HOLLY MONKEYBALLS! I’M HONORED!

Until now, I still don’t know why strangers like to read my dirty rants. I asked around but no one close (aside from my husband and my Mom) actually reads my blog so… *Shrugged*

I blog because it seems like the perfect way to let the voice in my head be heard. In another words, it’s my way to shut the mother fucker up so I can sleep peacefully or the voice gonna yap 48 hours a day and 365 days a week. Don’t believe me? Ask the Mister. He knows how difficult it is for me to fall asleep at night. I would toss and turn and irritate the fucking hell out of him or I would ask him 1001 questions that goes in my head until he threatens to “put me to sleep with my pillow”. KIDDING!

And I am easily bored. I would shut down my blog for a while then reopen it again later. I would move it to one web blog to another and change my domain, like oh, I don’t know? A gazillion times maybe? Or I would change my blog layout, theme, fonts, colors, widgets, header and etc. And I don’t stick to one genre. It can be photography. Then cooking. Then my personal life. Then the places I go. Or people I meet. Or whatever that suits my fancy.

Even with my ADD running rampage in my blog, I still managed to gain few loyal readers who follow me wherever I go (when I move my blog elsewhere or change my domain name). These readers put up with my ADD like a loving, patient mom with her psycho kid.

“Please put down the knife, Balqiz. Stabbing your pimples will just make it worst. Let Momma fix it for Momma little cupcake”, she crooned lovingly and softly.

And what’s so sweet is that some even email me once in a while to comfort me when I’m down, congratulate me or just simply to say, “Hi, I’m your silent reader. I really love reading your blog” Awww… (Can you email me WHY you like reading my blog? Just curious. Kthxbai)

So, to all new readers, before you add me in your blogroll, do be informed that I curse ALOT, I don’t think twice to write the word VAGINA, my grammar is atrocious and I’m don’t bother to fix it coz I (YES, ME!) see it as part of my charm (plus the cussing) and I’ve sick sense of humor. I repeat. SICK. SENSE. OF. HUMOR.

If you have the stomach for it, by all means, full speed ahead I say!

Till then… Bai.



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