Well, at least give me SOME credits for TRYING

Since God forgot to inject domestic female hormones in me when God created me, it took me a while to figure out what can I add to the new house’s guest toilet.

Flowers? Photo frames of me and the Mister singing in the shower? Statue of naked proboscis monkeys? Disco balls? Pots and pans? My many collections of old newspapers?

Then it struck me. Plants! Potted plants! Green potted plants! Brilliant, me!

Yes, it's plastic. Deal with it.

*Pat self at the back* Well done, me! One step, plastic plants. Two steps, WORLD DOMINATION! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA koff koff HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!



grace roum said...

if u don mind me asking, where did you get those pretty plants? You know how difficult is it to find things like that in miri...sigh.

Balqiz said...

Hahaha not in Miri. I bought that in JB :-)


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