Not So Skintastic

I’ve been having problem with my facial skin these past 2 weeks. After suffering from blotchiness, redness, and itchiness for a week, my skin decided to imitate a snake by peeling profusely. Doctor advised me to not TOUCH it (I touched), do not peel it (I absent-mindedly peeled some off while watching TV), do not wear make-up (Now THAT IS TALKING SHIT! I can’t walk around the office looking like decompose corpse with bits and pieces of my face waving around!)

Thankfully, I look much, much better today. By better, I mean makeup works wonder to hide A LOT! I can even hide a treasure map tattooed on my face with my super fantastic concealer.

This morning while getting dressed to work, the Mister carefully asked, “Are you still… Flaking?”

I said, “Yeah but not so much. Why?”

“Coz there is pieces of skins in the toilet’s sink”




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