Sayur Labu Masak Lemak

I deliberately post the photo as big and as wide as possible just so you can LICK YOUR MONITOR COZ I COOKED THIS DELICIOUS DISH ALL BY MYSELF YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! High-five, Me!

This dish has always been my favorite ‘sayur masak lemak’ (Direct Translation: Vegetable Cook Fat) however NOT ONCE have I eaten one that is PRECISELY AND EXACTLY as how I wanted it to taste like.

And God knows why and how, suddenly yesterday I was inspired to cook the dish EXACTLY HOW I WANTED IT TO BE and after half an hour wrestling with pots and pans in the kitchen, smoke in my eyes, blisters on my fingers -I DID IT!

As soon as I took a sip, I can hear my dead ancestors singing cheerfully behind me. Aaah… bliss!

The mister enjoyed it as much as I did so it’s a WIN!



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