The Universe is against me

1. 18th March - Went for a laparoscopic surgery to take out a 3cm in diameter cyst in my ovary. I still have the scars. Not fucking likely to post the gruesome image here. Tough shit.

2. My birthday trip to Cambodia has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond my control. Badass. Disappointment. Ev-er.

3. IRB taxed half of my bonus, making my dream of owning a Lumix camera and iMac desktop go POOF!

4. IRB taxed me again this April. Kaw-kaw broke my piggy bank.

5. I bought myself a cake mixer only to find out I don’t owned an oven to bake shit (Mom gave me her old one last night. Thanks, Mom)

6. Went to Universal Studio, Singapore with the Mister but couldn’t play the two famous rollercoaster and other death defying games in fear my stitches might burst open and sprayed unexpected people with my guts and gory intestine.

7. There’s a spawn of evil in my office making my life miserable.

8. I worked so hard on designing and creating a business web blog for a friend just to find out the business is not going through.

9. My car spoke to me this morning asking me, "M-M-M-M-M-O-O-O-N-EY". You and me both dude.

10. The skin on my face is getting better but now the flaking has gone down to my neck and chest. Where can I purchase myself a space suit?

11. My voabulary is as limited as a 3 yr old.

12. My photography skill decided to live with the homeless, smoke pots and chase birds for fun.

The theme of my life these few months~ Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare




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