30 Years of Wisdoms, Achievements and some things I just can’t change. Happy Birthday, Me

On wisdoms

1. I learned that what goes around comes around. No matter how small the deed is (good or bad), it will come back to you (as repayment or punishment) sooner or later in life.

2. I don’t have to waste my time putting up with something that I don’t like. I have a choice and I can walk away from it rather than putting myself up for misery.

3. When I learn to love and accept myself, I realized I am perfect the way I am.

4. I learned when you judge others by their past, you are a moron.

5. It’s OKAY to say NO. Being a martyr is as fun as stepping on fresh dung.

6. I learned that when you EXPECT and RELY on people to make you happy, you never will be. Happiness comes from within. Only you yourself know how to make YOU happy.

7. I learned that when you USE people to achieve some advantages in life, you are signing a death warrant. Work hard YOURSELF to achieve what you want.

8. Sometimes it’s okay to call it quits. There are things you just can’t do and can’t change. Let it go.

9. Treat and pamper yourself every day. Who else can appreciate you the way you wanted to be appreciated?

10. I learned that I can still have my way when I’m flexible with other people’s rules and ways of getting things done.

On achievements

11. Scoring top marks in school despite no tuition class, no reference books to study, no support and confidence from teachers and families, no money, and plenty of emotional and mental abuse from people I shall not named.

12. I once given up on life and had in fact tried to seriously harm myself three times or more. The idea of living was more terrifying than dying. I don’t know what pull me through. All I know, in time I found strength and peace in my battle with depression and heartbreak through what I called –inner guidance.

13. I watched the man I loved for 8 years changed before my eyes, betrayed me, broke my heart, brought out demons in me I never thought I had, cheated on me, taken me for granted and damaged me till I still bore the scars. He divorced me and then later married the girl he was chasing while he was married to me. I picked myself up, moved out from the house we build together, held my head up high in the divorce court and smiled when I signed the house off releasing my name from it, not asking a single cent from him nor wanting to fight for what I deserve. I choose peace of mind over money and revenge. So if there is a one winner, it is me.

14. One of my biggest and proudest successes in life is my job. 4 years ago, I joined one of the largest corporations in the world and worked hard and for that, I received multiple recognitions and quadrupled my salary within a short span of time. I am forever grateful with Mr. A, Mr. A and Mr. D for seeing something worthwhile in me when others don’t. Thank you.

15. Just when I thought there are no good men out there, I met the Mister. It was not an easy to penetrate through a mindset of a woman who had gone through a lot but breached it he did. I learned to trust again and to let go of the past. Best gift I gave myself ever.

16. I was a shy kid, an awkward teenager and a confused with low self esteem lost young adult with no idea what I want in life. 3 years ago, I found my equilibrium. I experiment with fashion until I found my own style, hang out with diversified group of people, dabbled with many types of hobbies and activities, went travelling by myself to many places, and had a lot of adventures. I laughed a lot. Found my sense of humor. I am happier than ever. Dare to speak out my mind and stub my nose at naysayers. Today, I am 30 years old and I am finally comfortable in my skin and smile in the face of the world to say, BRING IT.

On things that just never change

17. I still watch cartoons. I’m a 30 year old woman who watches cartoon every single day.

18. I still like to read historical/regency romance books. Yes, since I was 11 years old until now.

19. I still daydream a lot.

20. I still believe in happily ever after and fairy tales come true.

21. I still am a hopeless romantic at heart.

22. I still cry when I watch/hear touching stories.

23. I still scream OUT LOUD LIKE SOMEONE IS STABBING ME REPEATEDLY when I’m startled.

24. I still can’t bake for the life of me. Sigh!

25. I still am a home person.

26. I still am stubborn, bad tempered, irrational at times, selfish and lazy.

27. I still donate to those in needs, willingly throw my whole heart and self to help others, loyal to the core, forgive easily and very independent.

28. I still am a chatterbox

29. I still want to strip Keanu Reeves naked and give him a body scrub.

30. I still appreciate clean toilet, the smells of perfume, black sexy boots, good food, romantic comedy, fast cars, men who goes to gym, hanging out with my best friends, laughing out loud, running my hands on carpets, and many more.

15 April 2011- Happy Birthday, me

Goodbye 20s. Hello 30s!



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