The Un-Female Characteristic. Why, yes. It's me, again.

Once upon a time, I moved into a new house and until now I still haven’t finish unpacking some of my things.

Blame it on the weather.

Or my crazy hormones famously known as Shedolf Hitler the Queen of all Evil Female Douchiness.

Or the election (*snickering*)

Or the plain obvious fact that I simply own shit load of stuff. FTMFW! *throw confetti*

But of course, the most glaring and plain fact is that I’m just HOLY FUCKING SHIT LAZY.

Judge me, please. Oh go on and judge me. You know you want to.

Some of accessories are dumped on my dressing table.

Some I just simply hang it on the cupboard’s doorknob.


But I think hanging it at the doorknob is the most AWESOMENESS idea E-VER. Rather than buying an accessory hanging thingie rooooooite?

Again, FTMFW yo!




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