Wedding Drama Part 13 ~And the Dramas Continued... YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! (password: fuckthisshit)

Friday, 31/12/2010


I woke up and started packing. I planned to check-in the Hotel by lunch.


I doubled checked everything. Shoes –ticked. Wedding dress –ticked. Veils –ticked. Etc. Etc. Ticked!


Stopped by my makeup artist, A, to show her my wedding dress. She wanted to see it so she’ll have the idea on how to beautify me. How is she going to achieve that...? I don’t know.

She then complained that my accessories were too simple. She said, “Are you getting married or what?” I said no, I was going to join the circus. She decided my accessories were just a big boo hoo hoo for a bride so she’s going to rent some better bling bling from her friend’s boutique.

She also said she’s going to put a ‘tudung’ on me for the ‘akad nikah’. I didn’t say no nor did I say yeay. I’m freaking clueless when it comes to fashion. I only know I look good with clothes on. A-N-Y clothes on. So I have to make sure I can never suddenly walk out naked out of the house one of these days...


I reached the Hotel, FINALLY! The traffic jam on the way there from home was horrific. My grandmother can run faster than my car moving among the bumper to bumper cars in town.


I parked my car in front of the Hotel entrance and handed all my things to the bell-boy except my wedding dress and my two veils. Then I drove my car to a designated car park and while juggling my handbag and my two wedding dresses and veils and my dignity, I walked towards the lobby. As soon as I reached there, I asked the bell-boy to hang my dresses (it was all wrapped with hangers as it was iron days before)

I then proceed towards the receptionist.

Check-in. The bell-boy brought my things and OH. MY. FUCKING. MONYET! My dresses! My veils! They dumped it all on the trolley and ON TOP OF IT WERE MY LUGGAGES! ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME? THOSE ARE MY WEDDING DRESSES MORONS!

I was shrieking my head off and the bell-boy didn’t say anything but continued to motion me to move and get going to my room. In a complete shock, I numbly followed him and then Mom called.

She said she can’t send over the food I ordered from her for my “Henna session” with my friends later at 4pm coz she was busy with the Mosque preparation the next day.


Imagine my situations that time.

1)    I was alone carrying my things from home including the door gifts in two boxes for the wedding reception and none of my siblings were there to help me. I admit I was emotional about it. To be exact, I was sad. I feel so alone.


3)    My mom called to say nobody, not one of my 4 siblings with driving licence, can send the food I ordered for my little get together coz they were “busy” doing GOD KNOWS!

Then, as soon as I reached my room (while talking to my mom on the phone), I realized the Hotel just gave me a freaking chalet room instead of a suite as agreed upon months before this.

I then left the bell-boy and went straight to the reception counter and I told the front desk lady she was making a mistake and she gruffly gave me a bulldog bitchy lesbian face and said in the system, I’m getting a chalet.

Thank God I have the letter from their sales manager and I shoved it up the bitchy bitch I swear I was thiiiiis close to slap her silly.

After another 30 minutes waiting, her front desk manager came towards me and said they accidentally gave my suite to other guest. He said he’s going to put me in a better room and guided me towards my room.

On the way to the room, the Sales manager called me and asked me what happen (I text her about the room blunder her hotel is shitting me one day before my wedding).

I couldn’t hold it any longer and I pulled my crocodile tears act.

I told her about the mix up on the room.

I told her my wedding dresses were crumpled coz it was simply dumped by their sorry excuse of a human decayed baboon of a bell-boy.

All in front of the front desk manager.

As soon as I ended my phone conversation, the front desk manager apologized for everything and said they triple upgrade me to from a normal suite to a Royal suite. Oookay... as soon as I stepped foot in the room, OMG, my jaw literally dropped. It was huge! It was classy! It was fabulous! It was awesome!

He then said the hotel will steam iron my wedding dresses for free.

Amazed and awed by the awesome suite (4 balconies, 1 guest toilet, 1 bathroom with Jacuzzi, a fantastic Master bedroom, a dining area, a kitchen, a study area and a TV area) I called all my girlfriends and asked them to come over as soon as possible.

Since my siblings were morons, I called Pizza Hut instead.


10 of my good friends arrived. Armed with towels, giggles and henna, we started to paint my hands.


My friend, M, asked me whether she can see my wedding dresses. I said go ahead since the hotel just dropped it over to me half an hour ago. She went into my room and she asked, “Where’s your veils?”

I ran to the master bedroom and went straight to the cupboard. She was right. There was no veils. Just 2 wedding dresses.

I started to panic.

I said, maybe I left it in the car. So I dashed towards my car and yes, no veils in sight.

It was 5pm already and I was fretting madly.

No veils. No veils. Shit. Shit. Shit.

Where did I leave it at home?

Did I lose it?

Did I misplace it?

Did I drop it somewhere?

I called the front desk manager and asked him whether his staff left my veils at the laundry since they were the one who were assigned to steam iron my clothes.

10 minutes later, he called back and said, no, there were no veils. Only my dresses.
I tried to recall back. Did I leave it anywhere? IMPOSSIBLE. I KNOW I brought it in because there were 4 hangers I was carrying when I entered the hotel lobby.

I called the front desk manager again. He said he’s going to ask the bell-boy.

10 minutes. Nothing.

Another 10 minutes, still no news.

I picked up the phone and called him again. Can’t get through. Called him again five minutes later, he said he’s still looking for the bell-boy. Called again 10 minutes later, he said he STILL couldn’t locate the bell-boy who were the one bringing my things in.

After 2 hours of extreme frustration, I called up the Mister.

I told him the story and said, “Baby, if they can’t find the veils, I’m not getting married tomorrow!”

It was close to 7pm, there is no bridal boutique still open at THAT time for me to get another veil and it was the eve of New Year again for fucksake!

My friend, A, still drawing nice swirly patterns on my hand with henna in tube while I was trying my very best to BREATH! Everyone said, chill, relax, it’ll turn out soon. How soon? I was contemplating on jumping off the building already.


The main door’s bell rang. The front desk manager came in with a security guard.
They said they wanted to check my room and cupboard to see whether it’s true that there are no veils around. HOI FUCKFACE! DO I LOOK LIKE I’M MAKING A FUNNY HERE? DO I LOOK LIKE I WANT MY VEIL TO BE MISSING AND CAUSING YOU ALL THE BLOODY TROUBLES BY LYING TO YOU OR HIDE MY VEILS FOR FUN?! SHITTTTTTTT!!!!

They left after saying they found the bell-boy who handled my things and the guy said he only brought the dresses in and there were no veils.

Please God forgive me for jumping off the 5 stories building on the eve of New Year...

Turns out the Mister called the hotel and threaten law suit if they can’t find me my veils. I love him for being so forceful... aww... so manly! Okay, go puke. I’ll wait here.

No wonder they brought in a security officer to check my room thoroughly. Sigh...


The main door’s bell rang again.

This time, I was flopping on the sofa in front of the TV trying hard to NOT picture myself sprawling dead after my suicide jump. Will it hurt? Should I do a double somersault first before I plunged to death?

Then my friends cried YEAAAAAAAY!

My veils!!!!

The bloody shitheads of hotel people found my veils!!!! It was put in the chalet room they initially wanted to put me in. IMAGINE THE STUPIDITY OF THE SITUATION?! IMAGINE IT FOLKS! IMAGIIIINEEE IT!!!!

They offered to steam iron my veils because it was in crumples and I screamed a big NOOOOOOO! HELL NO!!!! DO NOT TOUCH MY THINGS ANYMORE!

I called the Mister to tell him the wedding is on.


My friends left and the Mister’s family dropped by. The mister stayed home coz he can’t see me YET.

My SIL (sister-in-law) inspected my akad nikah dress and exclaimed that all the beads were falling off.


What’s next? I welcome terrorist attack anytime... a plague? Bring it! But this? OMG. Kill me. Murder me. Stab me!!!!

My two SILs spend the entire night fixing all the beads as my hands were still covered in fresh, wet henna.

Lucky for me they were there to accompany for New Year and to help me fix another disaster.

By 1am, they left and I fell asleep.

To be continued...



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