Kick Those Monday Blues by Reading These Blogs:

Before you decided to get hitch/married, go read this and get a wealth of insights and lessons from a Malay Psychology student point of view: Bukan Tak Nak Tapi Kena Flexible. Really inspiring. Thumbs up!

Curious on what the Mister is thinking about our marriage so far? Check out his latest post: Married Life. There are some photos in too (in which he manipulated till I can't see my face much. Hmph!)

A mother’s love: Truly precious! Read my good friend’s post on how she found out she was pregnant with her Lil’ Tiger (born in the year of a tiger thus named as so) : Dear Lil' Tiger. Absolutely touching!

The best 2010 year recap post I’ve read so far must definitely go to my friend, Rush in his post: Re-cap the year 2010 as Rush Murad.... He truly lived a full, meaningful and adventurous life. Truly exciting!

That's all from me today. Welcome Monday. Hello work. (grumpy)

By the way, it would mean a lot to me if you would exchange your blog links with me here: Share Your Blog Links. Then I can visit your blog and pee on it say hi!

Later days!



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