I Realize...

1. I don’t have a specific type of food/music/color that I like. If anyone were to ask me what my favorite food is, I would say, “Err… Hmmm… Wow... I like to eat a lot of stuff. Can I give you a list of it instead?” FAILED.

2. As soon as my status changed to “Married Woman”, my male friends/colleagues who used to be so friendly and chatty avoided me as if I’m a walking plague! It’s damn confusing and frankly, it hurts. Like, hello. I’m married. I didn’t change gender or get a head transplant or something. It’s not like as if the Mister going to eat my male friends’ alive just coz they talk to me, right? Right? I’m grasping on thin air here folks! Whatever *hands in pockets*kick pebbles*raining* Ceh. Emo.

3. I no longer have to face middle-of-the-night-leg-cramp alone! Few nights ago, I was woken up by sudden leg cramp that was SO EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL that I screamed my head off at 2:30am and my husband, sleeping soundly and peacefully next to me, jumped off the bed thinking someone is stabbing his wife with a fork but instead it was just me holding my legs and whimpering like a pathetic puppy and despite the pain was trying my best to utter a complete, understandable explanation on why my scream almost gave him a cardiac arrest. Once he catch his breath, he helped me to ease the cramp by massaging my legs and in the next 5 minutes, I was back to sleep. It’s like as if no earth shattering moment just happen. I heard him sighed and joined me to sleep. It sure was funny as hell when I think about it again…

4. I suck at cooking. I’ll blog about this later. When? Maybe tonight. Or tomorrow morning. Weekends most probably. Or next week. Ugh. I’m so lazy…

5. My camera is slowly transforming into a zombie slug. Juz coz.

6. Being a newlywed, the most boring things to hear:

     a. So, pregnant yet?

   b. When are guys going to have a baby? Don’t wait too long. You’re not getting any younger!

        c. So and so is pregnant already and she got married only few weeks earlier than you. Why aren’t you pregnant yet?

        d. Take opportunity in this rainy season and make babies!

  Do I look like a Guppy fish to you?

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