A Dear Diary Memory

Two years ago, on this very day, I asked myself a question, “How long am I going to put up with this bullshit?”

With my heart full of pain and tears that won’t stop but a glimmer of hope pushed me to take a pen and a paper and wrote a letter to myself.

A letter that started out like this;

“Dear Balqiz,

This is a letter you wrote on 13th January 2009 and kept it hidden and forgotten and now you are reading it on 31st December 2009. How is that possible? Let me tell you one thing, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

You see, throughout this whole one year, you’ve gone through a journey that astonished you, inspired you, motivated you and made you a strong, independent woman you are today.

You are happier now and moving on nicely.

You have plenty of friends and making a lot more each and every day.

You are earning double from what you earn earlier this year and guess what? That’s not all. You’ve been promoted too on November 2009! That triples your income! You better believe it, woman!

And best of all, after dating few men (You're hot! Get that in your head! And I tell you one thing, it sure feels good to be sought after!), you met this nice sweet guy who made you laugh out loud, woe and romance you until you swoon, pamper you, love you and care for you and best of all, he accepts you for who you are, understand you’re unique way of thinking and extremely patient especially when you have those “down moments”. Damn those mood swings. It’s still there. But don’t fret. We’ll fix it together. It’s an ongoing process. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

He's everything you want in a man and he'll be the one. Yes, THE ONE!

So, my dear, you have nothing to fear. Take that one step. You’ll be fine. I promise you. I’ve given you a glimpse of what’s coming. All will be well.

I’ll see you end of this year.

Till then, be optimistic. The best is yet to be!



True to my words, I found this letter again but not in December 2009. I found it in November 2009. A month earlier than I predicted.

I actually forgot about the letter coz as soon as I wrote it, I stuffed it in a box.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon it again and man, I had goosebumps! Everything I wrote came true!

I moved out to a new house sometime in March ’09 (I think) and started my life as a single lady. I started to socialize again and reacquainted with old friends and also made a lot of new friends. I was happier than ever and even when I go home alone to my new house, it doesn’t feel lonely anymore. In fact, I found comfort in it and I was extremely grateful.

A definite plus was also my double promotions that tripled up my salary!

Then I met the Mister. And the rest is history.

And that’s not all; aside from that letter, I actually wrote a list of everything I want in my future husband to have (criteria) . Only after dating the Mister for 3 months or so that I realized he’s everything I wrote in my husband list! I told him about the list and until now he has been nagging me to give him the list so he can read it. I said, “No way! Just look in yourself and the answers are all there!”

I told this story many times to people and many don’t believe me. How did it all happen? I’ve no idea myself. I just know one thing, nothing is impossible.




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