It's All About the Tadpoles, Baybee

Friend: Any idea what I can give to my boss as a thank you gift?

Me: Tadpoles! A handful of tadpoles!

Friend: He’s NOT 5 years old!

Me: Why not? I would be happy if someone gives me a bunch of tadpoles. Tadpoles are so cute!

Friend: Why would my boss be happy to receive slimy tadpoles? Besides, it’s not as if it’ll turn into a Prince Charming.

Friend: *SILENT*

Me: *Staring vacantly into space*Scratching*Continue to stare vacantly into space*

Friend: LOOK AT WHATCHU DID! I'm starting to talk like you!
Me: I don't talk about tadpoles TURNING into a Prince. Whoever heard of tadpoles turning into a Prince? I was thinking more of adding the tadpoles in an ABC Kacang Ais. Yummy!

Friend: I don’t know WHY I bother to ask you for ideas. I JUST never learn.

Me: *Singing to herself softly*

I am a good advisor. I really am.



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