Random Conversation

Friend: Going anywhere this year? Honeymoon? Vacation? Course?

Me: Nothing yet. Still too busy with work to think of going anywhere.

Friend: Oh, okay. I’m going to yetta yetta yetta (Sorry, my mind was drifting far, far away. Occurs very often when I’m not interested in the conversation)

Me: What did you say? (Something she said snapped me back to reality)

Friend: Your birthday in April. You’re not listening aren’t you? I was asking whether you plan on going anywhere on your birthday, like you usually do.

Me: (Gasp!) Oh shit! I think… Holly chocolate macaroons! I DID buy myself a ticket last year to fly to KL in April this year! (Rummaging through my emails) Tada! Miri-KL for 6 days!

Friend: (Snorting) So much for your “no traveling this year” huh? So, just KL?

Me: Hmmm… damn, KL - Phnom Penh is really cheap! O-o… I think I know where I’ll be going this April… (Grinning)

Friend: Typical.



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