It's NOT a Honeymoon!

I don’t know which part of spending WISELY or lessen my traveling bug that didn’t get through my head properly coz… I’M GOING TO CAMBODIA THIS APRIL!!!

The mister: Are you sure you want to go to Cambodia on your birthday?

Me: Yes! Yes! Yes! (Jumping up and down like a chipmunk on meth)

The mister: You know what’s in Cambodia right?

Me: Yes! Yes! Temples! Angkor Wat! Phnom Pehn! Siem Reap! (Still jumping around)

The mister: You’re prepare to walk miles and miles, get dusty, not two but maybe 10 beggars approaching you asking for money and no luxury hotels for you to stay?

Me: Yes! I want to see one of the wonders of the world! I’m prepared to face all that just to touch a 12th century old temple!

The mister: Okay. I'll get the tickets. Happy advance birthday



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