What's That White Stain On Your Shirt?

I am very concern. Very concern. If I don’t, MOMMY PARANOID OVER SMALLEST THING wouldn’t be my middle name.

When Kaisan first discovered his fists and how yummilicious it seemed for him to suck those cute chubby little dimpled fists, we were like, AWWWW! Then followed by NIAGARA FALLS CALLED THEY WANT THEIR WATER BACK DROOLFEST. He was drooling like his saliva pipe just got burst and nothing within his vicinity can escape the sticky liquid baby dribble.

But since it’s pretty normal for a baby that age to flood our house with his drool, we put up with it and we just make sure there’s always a napkin nearby (We abolished the idea of a bib because he likes to tug the bib hard ALL. THE. FREAKING. TIME GAH YOU’RE JUST GONNA CHOKE YOURSELF SILLY SON!)

Then lately he started to barf. A lot. Every time after feeding, he burps and barfs. Sometimes even when he’s laughing and gurgling, pop goes the barf. Up to a point that we started to call him Baby Barfzilla. Life is indeed a party with baby that not only drool 24/7 but also barf at a bizarrest moment (Yes, yes I know that is NOT even a word).

Is it the formula? Please don’t tell me it’s the formula. I’ll run you over with my son’s stroller if you say it is. We stop having problems with his formula for a month plus now (I think. Time just passes me by and I have a memory size of a gnat) Or it’s my breast milk? (I cringe typing that down knowing full well my family and people in my office also read my blog. SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP PEOPLE, GO AWAY! LEAVE ME AND MY PRIVATE DIRTY RANTSS TO MY OTHER READERS)

His doctor’s appointment is in another 2 months. I can’t wait that long. We’ll drown in his barf and we’ll be buried smelling like sour milk.

I’m tempted to resort to my last and only option but I think I might cave in and… GOOGLE.




Anonymous said...

Does he cry when he vomits? If not, he's just a happy spitter but will need to be careful coz if he vomits a lot he might get dehydrated in the long run and may also cause discomfort in his throat.

What I'll suggest is this. Reduce his milk (when taking bottle) say about 10-20ml per feed. See if there's any changes. Overfeeding may cause the baby to vomit but not always. Oooohhhh and keep the room nice and warm cause if it's too cold he'll vomit.

I'd like to suggest bringing him to see an osteopath but not sure if there's one in Miri cause what he/she will do is kind of like a massage but I swear to whoever it works! Cause my baby regurged a lot too when she was about Kaisan's age :) Osteopathy is quite the rage here lah. Not sure if that's something you can DIY?



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