What? 3 months already? What has changed?

1. As of today, I’ve lost 8kg. From weighing the same as a female humpback whale (63kg), I am now 55kg; sharing the same weight as a water buffalo. I have 8kg to go before I reach my optimum weight (if you happen to weight 55kg and above, I meant you no insult **koff*whale!*koff**)

2. In midst of chaos, I can stay calm and think straight while at the same time come up with lighting speed decision-making. Like, I can be in a room, calmly licking my vanilla ice cream while disarming a live bomb and twitter, “I’m locked in a room with a bomb that is about to explode in 5 seconds. How’s your day?”

3. As early as 3 weeks old, my son was already interacting with people by cooing adorably. It delighted people when he babbles in his baby language and everyone swears that my son is “talking” to them directly. Little that they know that my son also babbles incoherently with his shampoo bottle.

4. This blog has gone seriously viral lately. From 200 readers a week, now I have 5000 readers a month. You do the math. My question is: WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE?! YOU’RE FREAKING ME OUT!

5. My son has gained 3kg since birth. Now he’s 6kg at 3 months old. He is nowhere close to become a pygmy hippo (awww sho sho cyoot!)

6. We went back to Anmum (formula) and so far no problem with it. THANK GOD!

7. I am 31 years old as of 15 April 2012. I’m perfectly fine turning another year older. Really. But you make fun of my age I will put you in a blender.

8. I will start working starting 2nd May 2012. Part me is dreading the separation with my son but another part of me is excited to be back working and feel the adrenaline rush of being a responsible mutt again.

9. Going out is no longer as easy as before. Before this, I just put on my nice clothes, makeup, take my handbag, my keys and locked up the house and drive to wherever. Total time, 15 minutes. Now, I have to plan first where to go, then get ready my son’s babybag (diapers, bottles, hot water, formula etc), dress him comfortably according to the weather, readied his stroller and strap on his car seat. As for myself, I just put on whatever clothes that is within my grasp, no makeup just lipbalm, if I can remember where I last put my handbag and keys and shit, did I lock up the house? No? Drive back in the house and recheck. And all that takes, hmmm, about an hour and a half.

10. After a year of taking a break, I’m back with my studies. Going to class and doing assignment while a baby is crying for attention, a hungry husband and a house that resembles a refugee camp with Ebola disease spreading rapidly, life sure is a circus full of fun.

11. People, I am a certified ninja, majoring in dodging my son’s surprise-urinal-spray.

12. Papsmear still feels like bitch. Luckily, the result came out singing with praises. I’m clean. Whoohoo!


Asidah said...

Happy belated birthday!!! how come i dont know your birthday ni..haish.. :)

Lady Liza said...

Oh I love Kizz! (Random?!) Haha trolling je :)


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