Mommy Bragger

My world from the minute I find out I was pregnant, giving birth and until now, has been all about my son, THE BABY.

Every time I open my mouth, you can bet I'll be talking about my son.

Every time I blog, yes, yes it WILL be about my son. Or my boobs. Those two are interrelated.

I can't help it. My life just revolves around him and when I'm not with him, I think and talk about him.

Call me crazy but I think this obsessing over one's baby is very common among mothers. Am I right to assume that, Internet?

I know for a fact that it will tone down sooner or later. Especially with the second child. Poor second child. It seems unfair not to get the same limelight as the first one. Dear future second child, if I don't babble incoherently about you here is because I ran out of juice. Blame your brother.

So when I hear mothers talk about their kids, I understand. I will listen attentively and ask questions that they wanted me to ask and praise their kids accordingly. Because I UNDERSTAND.

There is a need to talk about one's child and I always see it as their way of sharing information about their child's development and accomplishment. Maybe they do brags sometimes but I always choose to humor them and listen. Because I UNDERSTAND.

So what this post is all about today is just to tell you that if you're the type who does not understand about parents need to brag shamelessly about their child, shame on you. One day when you have one of your own and no one is there to hear you squeal like a monkey when your child take his/her first step, poor you.

What? I'm just being defensive today. It's in the air. Blame the air. 



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