Nye nye nye nye nye!

Hello, Internet! My mamma is currently up to her neck in work and her in study and even though she’ll be on a loooooooooong leave starting tomorrow, she said she still don’t think she can blog much. Poor mamma so tired that last night when I woke her up to feed me, she couldn’t get up at all! Thank God daddy heard me and straight away prepared my formula but daddy’s formula not as nice as mamma’s… Daddy’s formula got hair… KIDDING! See? I can be funny too.

So, today I’m taking over mamma’s blog because OMG INTERNET TODAY I AM FOUR MONTHS OLD! F-O-U-R MONTHS! I’m a biiiiiiiiiiiig baby now! Last checkup, I was 6.5kg so I guess by now I’m 47kg? Mamma said every time she carries me, she can feel muscles she never thought she has. That must be good, right?

Mamma also complains that she’s sick and tired of people always asking her, “How is Kaisan? What can he do now?” and mamma said the next person who ask her that she’s gonna answer, “Golf. Kaisan know how to play golf already” Personally I rather join the Deadliest Catch crew than golfing… No offence, daddy!

Internet, at this stage, I still don’t do much aside from laying on my back gazing at the florescent ceiling light and gurgle, sucking my fingers/fists/daddy’s knuckles/nenek’s pet kitty/anything I can get my hands on, poop, sleep, plastering myself on mamma’s chest, smiling, squealing, demanding, kicking, reach out to my feet and pull off my socks and driving a sleek black Maserati while sucking my thumbs [Oh yeah! They see me rollin’, they hatin’, patrollin’ tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty]

Daddy just gave me another haircut last week. Haircut? More like BALD CUT! My hair didn’t grow as luxurious as mamma wants so she told daddy, “Those bald patches at weird places gotta go” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOmmfingers! Yummy yummy fingers! Then every time mamma touch my head, she muttered, “Dear God, please don’t give my son Justin Timberlake’s hair. Thank you” Personally I prefer Mr. T’s hair, ma.

I gotta go now. If mamma approve of this post, I might come back here again. What say you, Internet?



apijah said...

mintak gigit kitak tok nak..eeeee geram aih...(nak gigit waiz balit tok)


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