The Teething Drama -Weekend Special

I just wasted two minutes of my life trying to use an upside down mouse to navigate my Mac. I like to clarify here that I didn’t know it was upside down but who am I kidding? Yes, I DO like to challenge myself once in a while and using an upside down mouse is one thrilling adventure.

Anyway, just to give myself a short update on what has been going on…

If my life this week is a reality TV shows, I bet it is called “THIS IS THE EXACT REASON WHY SCIENTIST SHOULD STUDY ABOUT BABIES WHO CAN TURN THEIR PARENTS INTO FLESH EATING ZOMBIES” I agree it is a long title but Megan Fox will play my role so you gotta watch it.

Kaisan’s fever turned from bad to worst last night. His diarrhea didn’t help to make us do the cartwheel either. We even had to bring him to the hospital twice because his body temperature went from 37.5C to 38.5C.

He also had flu and coughs and still refused to be bottle-fed. Doctor advised us to try feeding his formula by spoon and yes it worked. He took it though was a slow process. I told myself it’s okay. At least there’s liquid down his throat. His cough was so bad that last night his voice was coarse. It's like he has been drinking gravel.

We slept at 3am last night. He was restless and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the thermometer I stuck underneath his armpit. I had to keep watch on his body tempreture in case it shoot up high again.

The doctor did say that if his temp were up to 38.5C again, I would have to shoot up a bullet up his ass. OK that sounds so wrong. But mothers out there know what I’m talking about. It’s the medicine that looks like a white bullet you put in a feverish child’s butthole.

Don’t look at me. The tasks were mutually and understandably agree to be taken by the husband. I am not going to shove anything up my son’s butthole however dire the circumstances are. Okay if push comes to shove, yes, yes, I will do it. Though I might do it with my eyes shut close and teeth grinding on a piece of metal.

Today after his afternoon nap, Kaisan seems to be back to his old smiling self. He quietly read his books and played with his toys and smiled at me when I cuddle him.

I sure pray the worst it over. Amin.


apijah said...

kmk paling gelik mun doc madah berik ubat buntot. tapi stakat tok sekali jak berik ya pun nurse molah mun nyuruh kmkmpun nang sik sampei hati. tapi ajaib nya ubat ya paling bekesan!get well soon kaisan. piluk hati mamaq kitak tengok kitak sikda mood ya!

Balqiz Sulaiman said...

Syukur kmk reya Kaisan kenak cucuk sekali jak. Lepas ya demam terus gone begone.


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