Top of the world to all!

What a wonderful week this week has been. The weather is awesome (Rainy cold days is my kind of beautiful day), Kaisan has been sleeping well (Or the fact that my husband take the night duty to let me sleep more), surprisingly a lot of participants for my FIRST CONTEST GIVEAWAY and best of all, I managed to cook this week!

Three nights ago I made pasta with eggplants and tomatoes and it was superb! The photo does not do justice. If I want to produce good food photos I must start getting props and invest in good lightings. Man!!!

Then the next night, I made pizza. It was my first pizza in a long, long time. I made the dough thin crust without yeast because I do not how to use yeast [Insert pathetic hyena's laughter] and had to use ketchups in a packet from Mc Donald because I forgot we ran out of tomato paste [Insert sad hyena's cries] but it turned out tastier than ever! The husband inhaled his pizza in mere seconds and was eyeing my plate like a hungry wolverine. Oi!

I have some menus set in my mind to cook this weekend but alas, there are weddings and events to attend so more likely I will be stuffing my face with other people's cooking instead.

Have a fabulous Friday, y'all!



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