The most ridiculous way to express my love

By now I bet people are sick and tired of me writing nonstop about my son especially about his oh-so-normal-what's-the-big-deal fever (I'm not going to defend the damn fever so you can go ahead and call it normal, boring, turd, puke face, bin Laden, mutated slug). And guess what? Today I'm going to write about my son again! And his well-being again! Because I can. Again!

As of today, we can safely bid adieu to the damn fever. Kaisan is back to his old self and eating and drinking his bottle again. "Could this be the moment where we can celebrate? LET'S PARTY BUIH TONIGHT!!!!" I whispered to my husband but before we can take out the detergent, Kaisan grimly showed us the meanest most badass heat rash on his body.

Whoa there, son. Could you like give us a break? Like, can the rashes come next month or next year? We really like, tired and all you know.

Like, whatever, said the damn rash and stayed there glaring at us menacingly and angry.

The doctor said Kaisan could be allergic with the antibiotic that he took but my sister said, "I bet it's all the durians you ate the other night" OOOOOOOOH NOOOOOOOOOOO. Crap. I think so too. Because Kaisan is breast feeding and durian is heaty, man... I should NOT be a mother.

The damn fake measles (as what the doctor called it) is getting worst today and seeing my son's face blotchy with red nasty dots just made me want to take a swim with sharks and piranhas out in the open sea.

Because of Kaisan's illness, me and my husband have been having sleepless night, exhaustion, and have not been eating properly for the past 2 weeks plus. All our attention and well being is devoted to taking care and looking after our son. That's where I realized how much I really, really love and appreciate my husband. I know how rare it is to have a husband who would go out of his way to make his wife's life easy and I must have done something good to deserve such good fate. My husband takes all the responsibilities of the household and taking care of Kaisan when I'm dead tired to do anything. At night, he would wake up more often than me to check up on our son so I can sleep more.

It's funny that most of our friends tend to ask us whether we're happy together. Like, huh? Why wouldn't we? Turns out it's our super grim facial expression that makes people wonder are we planning to murder each other in our sleeps. My dears, despite our serious face (mine especially), we are not contemplating your demise I know I'm tempting fate by declaring this out loud here but we are so happy. There are challenges here and there but my husband is always there, willing to sacrifice and do anything to support me, our marriage and our little family no matter what.

And so, today's post is not entirely about my son. It's my way of saying thank you and that I love you, Joe. In my humble opinion, you are the most awesomeness, coolest most caring and loving and bestest and sexy husband ever.

P/s We really SHOULD take an outdoor photography of us because God, this is ridiculous. We don't have a single photo together in bloody ages!



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