It's all about the money

Something for us to think about.

Mr. XX just bought himself a new car. It was a foreign car that cost RM150k. Mr. XX loves to rub it on Mr. YY who was driving a local car, which he has been using for the past 5 years.

Mr. YY was very content and happy with his well-maintained despite old car but Mr. XX was being a nuisance ass wipe, kept making fun of Mr. YY’s car until one day, Mr. YY got fed up and asked Mr. XX, “How much is your new car again?”

“It’s RM150k!” boasted Mr. XX.

“Wow. You must have a lot of money to pay that much for a car,” said Mr. YY.

“I took out a bank loan. I’m paying RM2k for the monthly installment” answered Mr. XX.

“So you owe the bank RM150k?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Plus interest?”

“Yeah, so?”

“So you are paying RM2k for 5-6 years for a car?”

“Yeah, SO WHAT? I can afford it!”

“So, that means I’m wealthier than you. I don’t owe the bank at all for my car. I finished paying the car years ago. If anything happen to me, I don’t have to worry about owing the bank. In fact, I can sell my car to help me out. Even if it can only bring me in RM2k, it’s still money. But what about YOU?”

And Mr. XX sheepishly nodded and never talked about his car anymore.



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