Readers just love to talk about reading

Referring to this post, friends, family and readers asked;

Did you really read all those book all at once? Or finish one that starts with a new one?

I read one chapter or sometimes 3-4 pages only when time does not permit me to read more. So yes, I read 5 books all at once but one book at a different time, at a different location. By month end, I usually finish it all.

How can you remember the plot at where you last left it when you read so many books?

My father was Sulaiman Henry Philip McCoy . I didn’t inherit his extreme genetically enhance form of body hair nor the blue color or the build (I AM NOT A MONKEY) but I did get a tad bit of his excellent memory (I may or may not be making this up)

An avid blog reader would not find this remembering last plot smot a big deal (Excellent memory? Pfft. WE ARE MONKEYS! WE RULE THIS PLANET!) because we read/follow hundreds of blogs. We read 20-30 blogs a day and each blog is written by different blogger with different storyline and different family/friends/pets and yet, we remember and recognize the character written in each blog. Correct? Same goes with reading 5 books at 5 different times and at 5 different places all at the same time. No big a deal. Peanuts.



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