Let's not be pretentious, shall we?

"Erm... Mom? What are you doing?"

"Seriously? You REALLY want to do this?"

"MOOOOOOOOOM! Come on! This is so lame"

"Oh for crying out loud. Fine. Go ahead. Show the world my tits. You are so gonna grow old alone"

For future reference, this is not measles. Doctor said it's FAKE MEASLES. Meaning, there are a bunch of red spots going around human's skin, PRETENDING to be measles because these red spots are so pretentious my God. They are merely heat rash, a very lower level spots which are not as glamourous as measles and chicken pox.

What a relief.


apijah said...

yah berlapit lapit ketiak kitak deng...

Balqiz Sulaiman said...

Hahahaha ya dolok di tangga nya aih!


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