Drop the F-Bomb and let's get jiggy with surgery!

My tendonitis is back and it has been bugging me these past few weeks and since I have been very overly occupied with Kaisan's health, I forgo the idea of visiting my orthodontist.

Well, last night I decided I can't take it anymore because the pain is getting ridonkulous even when I try to unhook my bra (The lightning fast technique of unhooking a bra with one hand BACKWARD is worthy to be added in our resume, ladies! Men, you do not know what you're missing) I decided to just grit my teeth and get some advice from the doctor.

Turns out, the last time the orthodontist treated the pain which was via injection a thingie-medical-whatever-scientific-medical-name-poof-brain-burst-all-over-the-floor-name, it eliminated the pain but inflamed the tendon, making it... worst. Apparently the injection liquid-medical-thingie-I'm-vomitting-in-my-mouth-trying-to-remember-what's-the-name is a virus that is spreading in my blood now and slowly turning me into a vampire. That folks explains why the injection spot is white in color.

Not a true story.

And when people ask what is that glaring white spot on my wrist, making the lumpy bone pop out menacingly, I said it's just me being skinny now and all my bones are visible and shit (Said the woman who is overweight by 5kg).

So this Friday, I'll be going for the surgery to get it fix.

Surgery. Again.

Third time in 2 years.

I'm going to ask the doctor whether I can start a recovery party in my room after the surgery. You know, pop the bottle and shit?



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