Not A Soccer Mom Part 1 -House Cleaning

Referring to my dilemma I posted HERE, I sorta solved a bit of my time issues. S-O-R-T-A.

Don’t know whether I’ve mentioned it before (I could check in my archive but who does that?) but I’m very anal when it comes to cleanliness. I have a certain rules imbedded in my system that certain things in the house SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED, TOUCHED OR EVEN LOOKED AT. Anything being taken off the shelf SHOULD BE PUT BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL PLACE, FACING WEST AND TILTED SLIGHTLY TO THE LEFT and of course, NOTHING, AND I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SHOULD BE ON THE SOFA EXCEPT YOUR BUTT. NOT YOUR FEET, YOUR BODY OR GOD FORBID, YOUR BAG.

So when I hardly have time to clean the house, I went totally bonkers seeing shoes NOT WHERE IT IS SUPPOSE TO BE, dust collecting ON THE CABINETS, STUFF ON PLACES WHERE THERE’S SUPPOSE TO BE ONLY BOOKS and HOLY SHITHOLES ARE THOSE LINT ON MY CARPETS?

See? Bonkers.

So, in order for me to have a clean and proper dust-clutter-free house, I hired a house cleaner to come once a week. I admit it cost me a bit but it's worth every penny- I have plenty of time to rest, leisure and fill my time with my family. It also helps me to relax my ataxophobia, in which I say, money well spend!

The cleaner cleans my house from top to bottom, in and out and every nook and crannies and a whole 360 degrees viewpoint. Aside from that, she also helps to FOLD ALL MY CLOTHES OHHHHHHHHHHHHGASM!

My house, though only single-story is pretty sizable and spacey. Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the entire house takes a lot of time, strength and energy.

Problem one –settled. Next!



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