Couldn't have put it better myself...

"I've come to learn that you can only write honestly with time. For those who feel like I've lost a lot of the edge to my writing, it's because I've exhausted all the topics I can write honestly about. What can I write about today? The problem with writing a personal journal for a public audience is that part of the audience is bound to be people you see on a daily basis, people you have to talk to again. People in your life. Who may not recognize that this blog is just a journal of my thoughts - nothing more. These thoughts are not permanent, they waver, they morph, they go away - but the internet is permanent. Rather, its audience perceives it as permanent. Things you publish on the internet stay forever, right? No one realizes things that one does or writes in the past does not always carry into the future. That personality is not static. And this is the fucking audience I have to work with."~ Mayzhee

Each and every word. Exactly that.



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