My brain is shooting blanks.

After a whole week of wrestling life and death with my assignment/report, my brain now is a hollow space. Even when you scream HELLOOOOO, I can guarantee you there will never be an echo, screaming hello back at you. Just crickets. Nyit. Nyit. Nyit.

That is why it is a common to see me sitting in front of my blog thinking................................ Blank. I am an empty shell. Sad.

And as usual, soon after I submitted my assignment, I fell sick. It’s a curse I tell you. Each and every time after a big exam or after I submitted a major assignment, I will either get sick or I get sick. This time, I get sick-er. I had bouts of flu, headache and sore throat.

But because I was so selfishly terrified of being deprive of my son’s company, I fought it with the magic of my BRAIN. Yes, I mindfuck myself by thinking OH LA DEE DOO DAA I AM SO HEALTHY WHEEE WHOOO WHAAA and it worked –for two days.

Yesterday I crashed. Oodles of snots and sneezes went through my nose. The mister straightaway swooped Kaisan away and sent him to my mom’s for safety. God. I made myself sound like a deadly plague.But I'm okay now. Until I typed these below...

I had my toenail removed. WHAT? DID YOU JUST SAY WHAT I THINK YOU JUST SAID? Yes, T-O-E-N-A-I-L REMOVAL SURGERY. Na’ah kidding. There was no surgery. Just a simple pluck and pull. Ouch.

Due to my water retention last few months (remember the glorious moment of me ranting non-stop in e-ve-ry post about my pregnancy water retention? Ah yes. Good times) my toenails experienced the world most horrific ingrown ever. It was bloody painful and I had the mister to help me cut it as much as he can during my pregnancy because I can’t bend. Then, after I give birth, toenails still growing into my flesh and for four months I was hobbling around in pain and agony until 2 days ago I decided to see a specialist about it.

After explaining my condition to the doctor, he said, “I think you already know what I’m going to do next right?”

[Sigh] Think much. Yes, I pretty much know what’s in store for this poor toe of mine. 

There was no other choice but to pull the nail out. The doctor injected my toe 3 times (and that folks, makes a total of 9 injections I had this year! And it’s only June! Whee!) and once numb, the doctor tugged the nail slowly and voila!

I have the nail with me now and no, I am not going to post the photo here in fear you’ll slam me over with a lumberjack hammer. The ingrown was… HUGE. MOTHERFUCKING HUGE. No wonder I was in constant pain and ready to scream like a little girl anytime the sore part was being touched.

So here I am with a huge bandage on my toe and I can’t move much due to slight pain whenever I put pressure on it. How do I move about? Hobble. Hobble. Hobble.


Dona D. Doni said...

aouchh...i can feel the pain~~akai..pedis2..


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