Just A Little Bit of Badass

Aaahhh.. sweet, sweet pleasure of seeing the downfall of the people who once treated you like you just sprang out of the devil’s butthole.

Don’t deny and tell me, “Na’ah, woman! I feel SAD seeing my enemy fall flat on their goddamn fugly face” ABSOLUTELY BULLSHIT.

By the way, if you’re the martyr one, the holy than thou one, and the bitch-Imma-preach-you-till-your-ears-fall-off, please do me the favor by getting your high and mightiness out of my blog. You can come tomorrow. I’m posting my son’s photo. You shall bask in the glory of his adorableness.

So as I was saying, I have never met anyone who DO NOT secretly smirks a little when they see those who once upon a time say maybe, bully em? Bitch about em? Rude? Look down on em? Point and jeered NYE NYE NYE NYE NYE at em?

Whatever did these people used to do to make us feel hurt, insecure, threaten, angry or even sad, gawd it feels soooo damn good to see our so called enemy worth nothing more than the booger we picked out of our nose this morning.

Oh yes, I do forgive and forget but I save a little bit of evil pleasure seeing an acquaintance who can never stop boasting about her super perfect life before but now is fat and ugly with each butt cheeks the size of a whale’s hump and here I am, still sporting a slim figure. FUCK YEAH.
Me: 1, Them: 0.

And of course when those who once laughed at me for asking financial help to further my study now keep asking me to help their kids to get a job in the company I’m working at. Say whaaaaaat? I can’t hear ya! Can you repeat that again or just drop me a HELL NO?
Me: 2, Them: 0.

What about the girls in high school who were popular by being absolutely beautiful yet so snobbish and self-centered that you don’t even exist in their eyes even when you’re standing right ON their nose. And now married with 4 kids, working as a clerk earning a fraction of what you are earning and an unemployed husband living with their in-laws. I don’t know whether they are happy with their life or not but I can never live in a house without flush toilet so there, go ahead and judge me.
Me: 3, Them: 0.

I know, I know. I’m spoiled, gambong to the max, and downright bitchy and not to forget, EE-VAAAL in this post but, well, I try.




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