Kaisan's First Experience with Education

I don’t know about you but before this, I told myself I would never expose my kids to devices such as iPod, iPhone and iPad. I even frowned upon kids watching TV.

I was quite old fashion in this matter because I was brought up READING instead of watching TV so I was ignorantly assumed that kids watching TV would not learn as much as those who reads.

When I got pregnant with Kaisan, I gave myself the scenario of WHAT IF my baby watch TV and what are the cause and effect of doing so. I did a research on the matter and by the end of the day, I was satisfied to know that kids can learn ANYTHING in ANY KIND OF FORM be it books, TV, traveling, associating with people and so and so forth. I even found a website that listed out what TV shows are good for kids to learn even at a young age as 1 day old. One of the listed was Sesame Street.

Well, I grew up watching Sesame Street (the ONLY TV series my mom allowed us to follow that time. Aside from that, McGyver!) and I looooooove Cookie Monster! So, few weeks before Kaisan was born, I downloaded as many Sesame Street Podcasts as I can.

When Kaisan was few weeks old, I propped my iPad next to him and played the Sesame Street. I watched it together with him and recalled back some of the memories I myself had by watching the familiar faces, songs and characters. Safe to say, both mother and son had a good time watching Sesame Street. Every. Single. Day.

By the way, Kaisan’s favorite character is Elmo. Sigh. Why must the whiny red puppet, son? WHY?


Felicakes said...

I grew up watching a lot of tv :) that was how I learn how to speak English. So it's not all that bad. Like everything else it's how we educate our kids on what is right and what is wrong. I think my parents did ok in that department.

Btw the little tiger loves Elmo too. He is growing on me. Hahahaha.

Also never say never ahhaahah. It has known to come back and bite us in the ass.

Balqiz said...

Lesson learned


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