Alina's Doa Selamat

Last weekend was my sister’s daughter’s Doa Selamat. I could’ve made it a shorter sentence by saying ‘my niece’s Doa Selamat’ right? But noooo… I just love to waste my time typing extra long sentences.

Anyway, my sister and me agreed that this event was the first occasion in my family that there was no disaster that happen. Usually, when there’s a gathering as big as this, there would be an argument or we fought or cries or storming out or sulking by one or two of the family member but this time, NADA! It was a relief to have no drama for once!

Must be my niece’s calm aura.

Yes, yes. We are a family of chaos. You iz surprise? Why? Were you born just five minutes ago?

I didn’t take any photo that day because I was busy holding a giant wiggly worm named Kaisan Rizq. He didn’t get his day nap and was quite grumpy and refused to stay still. Carrying him was like balancing 80 millions plates of jello! Whoa! Whoa! Steady there! Whoa!

So photo-taking responsibility was relinquished to the hubster and even though he’s my husband, there was only ONE photo of me in his camera. I now know where I stand in his life… [emo][kick pebbles][hands in pockets walking in rains]

Me, Nurul and Baby Alina with my mom at the back, photo bombing unknowingly

And because I am shameless and only show photos where I’m in it, I had to steal Polaroid photos from my friends and family [desperado]

My sister, my grandmother, my sister's mother-in-law, my mom, me the super gorgeous being on the face of this planet [fist in the air motion] and Alina.

My sister, Nurul, me... Wait. What is wrong with my head? It's imitating the Leaning Tower of Pisa IN. EACH. AND. EVERY. PHOTO. WHADAFUDGE! and the rest are my friends and relative.

The end.




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