An Apple A Day Keep Me Alive and Sane

I do not know how am I going to FUNCTION this few weeks without my trusty iMac and iPad.

I gave my iPad to my mom because hers was missing and she was having the nastiest gamer withdrawal ever –woke up at 3am, wandering aimlessly in her house muttering, “Bejewelled… Words With Friends… Hanging With Friends…” over and over again. It freaked her maids rather badly.

But once I gave her mine, “I” experienced my own withdrawal –no device to read all the blogs I subscribe! It’s so tedious to use my iPhone because scrolling with my thumb is a bitch.

So I went to Miri’s Apple Store to buy the iPad 3 but lo behold! They were out of stock. Gah! What’s worst, on the same day itself I found out I have to send my iMac for repair! I don’t know how and why and where, suddenly there’s a vertical red/green line in the middle of the Mac’s screen and after an intensive Googling, I found out that it’s what a layman would called, “IT’S BROKEN SHIIIIIIIIIT THIIIIIISSSS!”

Ok, it's not that bad and it actually don't disturb the function but I just can't bear to see defect on my things! And because my warranty expire in 3 days time (WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? Way to pressure me till my head explodes), by hook or by crook, my Mac must be sent out as soon as possible.

So, without my iPad, I can’t read blogs, connect with the cyber people who are maybe greasy, hairy and smelly behind their computer screen (what?) and worst of all, I can’t distract Kaisan with his daily Sesame Street Podcast.

And without my iMac, I can’t doodle away with vectors, no blogging, no Photoshop and no printing photos. Just when I just bought myself a Bamboo Tablet! WHY, Me? WHY?

It’s like being stab repeatedly with a fork!

Yes, yes. My workstation is so dull. And I was working on a friend’s business logo when I took this photo.

I could order from online the iPad 3 but I rather pay cash than using my credit card so this is really bummer.

Worst, new assignment will be out this weekend. I'm doomed.


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Hahhahaha no, I was using my tablet to draw thts why my mouse on my left


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