The Never Ending Story (Baby Making Part 38)

Glucose screening came out aaaaaaaaaaand… NEGATIVE! BOOYAAAAAAAAAH! YIIIIIPPEEEE KI YAAAAAAAAAAAY! [60 seconds firework show]

Okay. Burst my bubble time. So you already know about that from my Twitter and Facebook. Boo hoo so I updated every second of my life (Actually I don’t. I update my status like once or twice a day) (Please don’t spit on my blog) (Or my Twitter) (Or Facebook)

Well, negative means that I don’t have to:

1) Be induce ASAP coz I heard it sucks but then again IF I’m overdue, I still have to be induce which is double the FUUUUUUUUN (Sarcasm)

2) Go for C-sec (This one I can’t guarantee coz… I’ll tell you that later)

3) Chances for diabetes in later years is very slim [FIST IN THE AIR] [TRIUMPH FACE]

4) I can EAT, EAT, EAT WHATEVER I WANT (moderately of course) [Eyes darting nervously elsewhere][Hide chocolate ice-cream]

Buuuuuuuuut… baby is STILL huge (3.5kg plus minus and will keep on growing until I give birth) and both doctors (I asked 2 doctors for different opinions) have no idea how, why and whuuuuuuuuuuut made my baby boy grow so fast within 2 weeks.

So I asked both doctors whether my body can push out a melon that size and;

Lady doctor said, “C-sec. Just to be in a safe side”

Guy doctor said, “Let’s try natural first and we’ll see how it goes from there”

Me, “I can haz purple balloons?”

I know I am being in denial by NOT WANTING TO THINK about labor right now. I am just taking one day at a time and see where I’ll go from there.

I mean, living each day is already a pain in the ass. Literally speaking.

Everywhere is aching and sometimes, in an extreme pain. My ass, my lady thingie, my feet, my hands, oh… suffice it to say that–EVERY SINGLE BODY PARTS ARE EITHER THROBBING OR ACHING OR JUST PLAIN PAIIIIIINFUL.

So to think about labor is like adding cheese to my already excruciating cake of joy.

I told both doctors we’d see when the time comes. Vajayjay or C-Sec. Whichever is necessary that time, I’m game.

Since I won’t be giving birth anytime soon (plus minus 2 weeks so the doctors said), I asked whether I could go to work. Honestly, yes, it’s great to be at home but God, the waiting game is slowly driving me nuts. People said I should take this time to rest and take a lot of sleep. I can’t sleep. I CAN’T FRIGGIN’ SLEEP. In 24 hours, maximum sleeping time for me is 3-4 hours. With 4-5 times of waking up to go to the toilet in between. Pregnancy insomnia is real, trust me.

But doctors said HELL NO. This is because my blood pressure has shoot up high this week and if I’m being put in a stressful situation (at work? Really? Stress? Me? NOOOOOOH! THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!) might aggravate me more and a lot of medical crap talk that I couldn’t be bothered to write down here in case I, myself will doze off in boredom.

So, no going to work. Officially staying put off work. Bah. Humbug. What do I do to kill time?

I listed few things I will do such as;

1. Read all my books.

2. Learn how to bake cakes/biscuits (?) (The question mark is because my fingers are still throbbing so point numero two is a pending thing to do)

3. Take a long walk everyday to induce labor naturally (With my swollen feet, GOOD LUCK ME)

4. Rest. Rest. Rest.

See? I can only come up with 4 things to do. What. A . Doofus.

There must be more for me to do but WHAAAAAAAAAAT? Sigh. So before I started to come up with other things to do, I might as well start reading all my unread books and we’ll see what I can do once I finish reading all the books.

Well, looks like Baby Making series will continue on until God knows when (Trust me. It's not something I want either).



Ernie said...

Hey balqiz, you would make a good writer. I've been following ur blog for quite some time now and i keep on waiting for ur updates. Love ur soon-to-be-mom experience. Yay! to being a mom!

apijah said...

me rasa cukup 40 bok baby ya kluar aihhhh....we will see :p
be strong bebeh

Nurul said...

tambah sigek gik..main game!! hahaha.. play temple run.. sak ktk rasa cam as if ktk juak yg berekot.. hihihikss
(p/s: kmk angol main ya di phone mak mek nak.. malam riya ngigo baaa.. rasa cam kmk benar2 jak berekot lok..)


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