Let's Get Paranoid! (Baby Making Part 34)

So there I was absence from the cyber world for… few days? It feels like a lifetime.

I wish it was because of me protesting against SOPA and such. But unfortunately I am not so noble and hardcore about the whole SOPA and PIPA and yeah, yeah, yeah I know if it materializes, I will get the full brunt of it but right now, it’s the least of my concern.

One morning, sometime this week, I woke up and I couldn’t lift my phone to off the alarm. My right hand was all jammed up. Pain was shooting up and down from my fingers to my elbow. I was too shocked to say and do anything aside from whimpering in agony.

I was so used to having a well functioning right arm that when I can’t even form a fist; my brain instantly sent me into a paralyzed state, fear that I might not be able to use my hand forever.

So for few days, I couldn’t do much but sleep my life away. I can’t type on keyboard and phone. I can’t lift up anything heavy not even a bottle of milk. And forks and spoons are devil’s own tools. I spend 10 minutes trying to fork a piece of chicken meat. Pathetic and sad at the same time.

I’m okay now. Finally today I can feel my right hand and when I flexed my fingers many times, I feel human again. But temper is still short and easily ignited so, yeah, I make one hell of a lousy dinner party guest. I'll just talk about my agonies 24/7 until the host vomit blood on my head and kick me out and ban me to enter her social circle in the future. Whatever.
I’m jotting this down so future me can read and remember OH WOW WHAT A FUN FACTORY FULL OF PAIN I WAS!

There. I said it out loud.


P/s Since I can't lift my heavy SLR anymore, I use my iPhone to appease my photo addiction. I'm on Instagram and if you would like to add me, my ID is Balqiz.

Yup. Belly is getting lower and lower by the day [Insert song HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? HOW LOW CAN YOU GO!]



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