(UPDATED) Banyak Gilak Dosa Ya Kali Banyak Gilak Masalah (Baby Making 37)

“The rise and fall of a messy affair” That was my first thought when I heard about some celebrities broken marriage news. Nothing good ever comes out of an open relationship especially when you’re married. Nope. Nope. Nope.

After I finished grumbling to myself about commitment and marriage and lust, I called up my sister and asked her to drive me to my doctor for my routine check up. 

Ever since last night, I had been plagued by the thought of, “Hey… MAAAAAAAAYBE… Just MAAAAAAAAYBE… I have what they called gestational diabetes…?” As usual, I Googled my curiosity and symptoms such as edema (swelling) hand and feet, extreme thirst, big pregnancy belly… could it be? COULD IT BE?

The first thing my doctor said when I came in her office, “YOU’RE HUGE!” Like, duh… Didn’t she get the memo that I’m giving birth to a baby whale?

She took my blood pressure –normal. Then she asked me to step on the weighing scale and HOLY APPLE iMAC 27-inch: 2.7GHz! I couldn’t believe my ears when she said -71KG. SEVENTY ONE KILOGRAM! AAAAAEEEEIIIIIII! THAT’S THE SAME WEIGHT AS A WHITE BACK GORILLA!!! FOUR MALE ADULT WHITE BACK GORILLAS TO BE EXACT!!!!

My doctor was crunching her forehead when she jotted down the figure and said, “2 weeks ago you were 67kg and today… hmmm…”


As she poured gel on my belly for scanning, I asked her to check whether my baby’s head still engaged and the update of my previous placenta calcification. She ignored me totally and concentrated on measuring my baby and said, “Your baby is 3.5kg already. Plus minus 500g”

Wait. What?


I was already breathing hard and starting to wish the Mister were with me instead of my sister who was already dancing excitedly when the doctor said I have all the signs of gestational diabetes and if it’s true, I might have to go for early labor –via C-Sec as soon as possible.

Truthfully, I have nothing against C-sec. I am open to all options. My aim is just one –as long as the baby is out and healthy, I’m game with anything including pushing him out of my butthole. But then again, the sucky part about c-sec is the long recovery period and the limited movement I’m allowed.

But since there’s no trace of sugar in my urine, the doctor asked me to come again tomorrow to do a glucose screen. IF I do have GB and it’s pretty high, I will be either induce or C-sec. However, to be induced and go natural post a high risk for the baby. Since my baby is pretty big for 37 weeks, the chances of his shoulders being too broad/big may hinder the chances of him being delivered naturally as it might harm him to pass through the birth canal. So the other option is –C-sec.

The doctor also notice I have too much amniotic fluid in my uterus. GREAT. What’s next?

So this apparently is another sign of diabetes caused by blood sugar levels aren’t well controlled.

But she did say that MAYBE because of my amniotic fluid too much that made my baby seems … large. If that’s the case, that means he might be 3kg and below (plus minus) and able to be born naturally.

Oh dear God. Is there any GOOD news for me aside from MAYBE or scientific guesses? 

I’m getting pretty tired of being sick, swollen, in pain, bla bla bla for 9 months that by now, I am ready to tell my doctor, can you just cut me open now and be done with it? Like, seriously. I know I shouldn’t sound so whiny and ungrateful that many other women out there are facing worst but really… I’m just tired. I am ready more than ever to hold my son and start a new journey as a mom and forget about the whole 9 months of suffering.

Le sigh…

I hope by tomorrow I shall know the result of my blood sugar so the Mister and I can make a decision on what’s what next.

Pray for me, will you? It would mean so much. Thank you.

Glucose screening done yesterday. Went to the hospital at 7am, took some blood, was asked to finish a bottle of sugared water and two hours after that blood taken again and the best part- result will only be out NEXT WEEK MONDAY! Gah! Lamak nya nak tunggu result!


Anonymous said...

i pray the best for you.everything's gonna be just fine..

Anonymous said...

I hope all will go well for you! And do take your time to rest and recover (I somehow have this feeling you're going to be a ligat mum post labour)

I'll be going to Miri tomorrow and if you're not this heavily pregnant or having a baby anytime now, I would have asked to meet up, but not our rezeki this time, we can meet for real the next time I'm in Miri :D


apijah said...

good luck dear....
pls update every second..heheh
suka mak dgr kitak ngerepak...segar alu mata :p

LadyBird said...

no worries woman, you'll be just fine. just hang on there coz once you get to see your 'giant' boy in your arm later, all the worries and pain will go away in split second. trust me. :)

ps-dont forget to breastfeed

Balqiz said...

Hahaha thanks ladies!

Zhu, welcome to Miri! If I'm mobile I would love to hook up but haiya... Next time then!


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